iPhone Photography – A Visual Guide : eBook Review

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This ebook was written to help any iPhone user to make the most of their ‘take anywhere’ camera.

It will help you choose the best apps for taking the photos, process them and even add the fancy effects that make you jealous when you see outstanding iPhone photos on social sites and other blogs.

The Review

This ebook has 173 pages of tips, advice and examples and will give anyone, from newbie to pro something to take away.

The book is broken down in to a number of different sections, each one having screenshots and example images taken by the author and her friends to show exactly what each section helps you to achieve.

There are a number of different app reviews which are written with enough detail and show great examples to give you a good idea if you should buy it or not. Not every app is needed but Alli makes a convincing case if she thinks it is worth having!

Great looking content pages

The book will be good for

  • iPhone newbies who want to impress their friends
  • iPhone photographers who want to learn a few new skills
  • Bloggers who want to make their blog posts more engaging
  • Writers who want to drive more traffic to their site
  • Small business owners who want to spread the word about their business

There are sections that deal with Instagram and Pinterest and how to use them with the promotion of your blog in mind and even goes in to details on how to prepare your photos to be sold and distributed so you don’t lose out.


  • Jam packed with content
  • Great looking pages and layout
    on the iPad
  • Tons of app reviews
  • Advice from seasoned pros
  • Lots of real life examples, not just stock images
  • Inspirational


  • Quite brief on the mechanics of what makes a good photo

My Opinion

My first impression when I opened this on my iPad was ‘wow’ . This is no hastily slapped together pdf, this is a beautiful looking book and would (if it was physical) go perfectly on anyones coffee table.

The pages and images contained in the book were mostly made using the iPhone and various apps and I must say that the whole feel of the book is very professional. A real keeper!

I’ve always been jealous of my friends who seem to have some sort of magic touch when it comes to producing great looking photos but since getting this ebook and following some the nice tips like keeping the shutter button pressed until you get the scene properly framed and then releasing it when all is good or turning on HDR and how to use fancy filters in Instagram I have started to produce some half decent photos.

Here’s a couple of examples that I took after reading the book. (don’t laugh, they’re a million times better than my previous photos from before reading the book!)


Overall, I was really impressed with this book and took a good few mornings reading it on my iPad while I had my morning coffee.

It was great to flick through and pick and choose which things I wanted to learn how to do and get some real inspiration on what I might like to do in the future like add great text to photos and creating montages.

I just wish it had a bit more theory on how to frame a photo and how to position the camera when taking the photos but that’s probably because I’m a coder and I need to see the.exact.steps 🙂

If you’re a blogger, marketer or business owner then I am pretty sure that you’ll find something in this book that will bring you a sense of value for money.

For less than $10 it’s a no brainer.

You can get it at Alli Worthington Store