No PayPal ? No Problem. Micro payments with your cell phone.

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There’s a new payment system in town! Now you can pay with your mobile phone to activate your ComLuv blog if you don’t have paypal or credit card. :)

1. click the button

Pay with your mobile

This is the screen you see if your ComLuv blog has expired. It will give you the option of using Paypal to process your payment. If you don’t have a paypal account, you can use your credit or debit card when you get to their payment screen.

If you don’t have paypal in your country or you don’t have enough of a balance, you can use your mobile phone instead.

Just click the “pay with Mobile First’ button to start the process.

2. Enter your number

Enter your number

If your country is not showing, choose it from the drop down list and then enter your cell phone number.

3. Confirm your request

alt="Successful confirmation" title="paytoblog-success" width="300" height="299" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-746" />

Depending on the law in your country, you will need to either reply to the SMS that gets sent to your phone with the keyword shown to you or enter the PIN that was sent to your phone to the pop up screen.

Once you’ve done that, it takes just a few seconds to see the big red tick that says your payment was successful.

You may need to click the ‘x’ close button at the top of the pop up to process the request and then refresh the page to show the new active blog account. Once you do that, you’re good to go!

Small print

As each country has different limits on how much can be charged via a premium SMS, not all countries will activate for 1 year. If your maximum payment converts to less than $5 USD then the screen will show you how long your activation will last for. eg. French users who have a French based cell phone can pay a maximum of 3 Euros, this will activate the blog for 3 months.

You should always have the permission of the bill payer to use their cell phone to pay for premium SMS messages.

I will absorb the extra cost of the commission if you pay by mobile phone so if you’re from the USA, you pay just 4.99 and you get the whole years worth (like you would with a 5 dollar paypal payment).

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