Building Healthy Habits: The Only Way To Build A Healthy Relationship

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healthy habits in relationship

Whether it is a new year, a new month, a new week, or a new day, building and engaging in healthy habits is important. This is true in all areas of your life, including your relationships. In fact, relationships are built upon habits. You either have positive or negative habits, and you either have a […]

Time Is Running Out! Apply These Tips To Improve your Blogging Productivity

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blogging productivity

No matter how hard we try, sometimes we will end up wasting time. As bloggers, we had to be productive to achieve our desired goals. But at times we tend to procrastinate; we unnecessarily forward our tasks, sometimes we waste time staring at a blank computer screen thinking what to write, sometimes we waste time […]

3 Smart tips to move past your fears and become a guest posting machine!

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Red Robot

Most of you already know that guest posting is the best way to market yourself in the blogging world. Yet still, some of you haven’t been able to get this whole guest blogging thing down. Maybe your pitches have been rejected more often than accepted, and you think your pitches are written badly. Maybe you […]

A Happy Retirement – 3 Suggestions for Bloggers

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Fulfil your retirement

I was 38 on Sunday 1st December last and this got me thinking about my retirement and how I should be planning it!  It really hit me thinking that I am now just 2 years away from 40 and for the past 20 or so years I have nothing really saved for my upcoming future! […]

Online Safety: Do you have a secure wireless router?

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wireless network

Do you know how secure your home wireless router is? Leaving your wireless network open and unsecure can make it accessible to anyone close to your router’s signal. The problem is that aside from you, your family and friends; there might also be others connected to your wireless network without you knowing it. Much like […]

Are You A Greedy Blogger And Take More Than You Give?

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Do You Give As Much As You Take In Blogging

A lot of bloggers understand that blogging is about giving AND receiving. The blog you create should be created to help other people solve a problem in their lives, and the content you create should be valuable. But many bloggers would rather receive than give; and that is where bloggers go all wrong. There are […]

How to rank with reverse-engineered Step by Step

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Competitors Rankings

Did you know you can rank higher than your competitor with reverse-engineered plan? Yes and indeed I’m ready to show you how to today so as to boost your rank higher. Reverse engineering is a method used in seo to find out where your competitor is getting the backlinks. With this you will need to […]

6 evergreen ways to boost affiliate commissions as a blogger

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boost affiliate commissions

One of the most exciting moments in our Internet Marketing lives is when we log into our affiliate accounts and see those most wanted commissions dropping in from different products we promote. Affiliate Marketing is actually one of the most interesting ways to earn income online. While you can actually make money in affiliate marketing […]

Long Tailed Keywords And Why They’re Important To Your Success

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success with long tailed keywords

I’m sure you have read about the importance of finding the right Keywords. This is only the first phase of your keyword research. The second phase can actually be much more beneficial to your goals. The second phase is researching your Long Tailed Keywords, which can generate much more organic traffic than your focus Keyword. […]

WARNING! Don’t publish your next blog post until you read this!

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publish blog post

One of the most exciting moments of blogging is when your well written article is ready and you are about to hit the ‘publish’ command button. But often, our articles are only ready in our brains. A lot of things are still left undone and some of these untidy things go a long way to […]