Top 3 Things Women Do on Facebook

Raaj Trambadia
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Raaj Trambadia
Raaj Trambadia
Raaj Trambadia

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Raaj Trambadia
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According to these stats, every month about 481,650,000 females make the most possible use of Facebook. When I compare my Facebook profile to any lady’s profile, all I have on my face is a dropped jaw!

Using my two eyeballs, I observed that most of the women/girls who know Facebook more than their neighbors normally concentrate on 3 things -

1) Wall-to-Wall

Knowing that it looks ‘cool’, I still don’t understand why girls are crazy to chat via writing on each other’s wall! This is more stupid when both of the users are online and can see each other on the ‘Online Friends’ list! I personally find this trend to be stupid because I would not like my conversation to be seen by any third person! Sometimes, the wall-to-wall conversations often start minutes after one has dropped the other at her home!

2) Changing their Under Garments!

I’m sorry if I exaggerated this! But relax! I’m talking about the profile picture! Every new day, you see a different picture

on a girl’s profile! I mean, give me a break! I didn’t even officially like yesterday’s pic (if it deserved one)! I still wonder why girls change their profile pictures (edited with several image effects) regularly, just like their under garments? But it doesn’t really matter because at the end of the day, they’ve got enough official likes to prove that the picture was, in fact, good! (here, I’m Jealous)

3) Over-caring, in a ‘smiley’ way

Has there been a comment (one which shows appreciation) where a girl hasn’t replied with those meaningless smileys and expressions? I’m often rewarded with “Aww …Thank you so much <3 ..really glad you loved it! xoxo!” for a comment like “Thumbs up”. After seeing that, I normally have a (*-*) expression!

I, however, don’t mind this online attitude of girls because when they’re in front of me, I see the real ones and that’s what I like about them!

To all the ladies out there – Be yourself!

PS In most parts of the article, I referred to teen or young girls because married women aren’t really seen on Facebook because they’re busy improving their husbands!



  1. Now I have to tell you that we are not all the same ;-) , but generally speaking, I can see these trends too.Nice infographic.

  2. Twitter:
    ha ha !! very true… nice analysis man..!!

    i have observed some more stuff with girls like mutual LIKE of pics !! like they LIKE your pics only if you LIKE theirs !! ;)
    Athiban Raj recently posted..China Electronic PassportMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    I had a good laugh when I read this post because I notice the same thing too. Most of them even loudly blurt out their relationship problems on their Facebook wall! I’m not like most of these women though.
    Elena Anne recently posted..Headaches and Exercise: Causes and TreatmentsMy Profile

  4. Ha ha ha!! Well said Raaj, i like to tell one more thing ,in the beginning they give more preference and char rather than you..after some days they’ll get more friends and forgot you.(you know that girls will got more friends in very short period)..If you leave a text they’ll not response to you suddenly..


    Ajtih Simon recently posted..Top 10 Photo Editing Chrome AppsMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    I never do any of the things you mentioned. So this is proof we’re not all alike. Whatever I share on my wall I do it for a precise reason – either to make an update or to share something I’ve published recently. :-)
    annelg recently posted..Choosing And Applying PaintMy Profile

  6. Bethany says:

    I hardly use FB for writing on my wall, the last time I wrote anything was about 6 months ago. I do use FB to see friends photos and to keep in touch using the messaging facility. I do know a lot of girls who use it like you say though.

    • Twitter:
      I suppose, one person’s observations aren’t the norm for all – that’s the reason for an infographic.
      Lots of people use Facebook for dating, another section use it for family and then there’s sharing of photos and posts.

      Main thing is that Facebook’s aim in all this is to increase the time that everyone spends ON Facebook. That’s how they make money – through Ads.

      For me, I use it for funny stuff and connecting with family and friends. And since my day job revolves around Facebook, I also use it for work related stuff.

      That said, there’s an awful lot of mindless rubbish on Facebook.

  7. Hai raaj.., you have told very well about girl’s activities in facebook.I have one more thought can i tell that?? :)
    Ajith Simon recently posted..DVDFab DVD Copy for WindowsMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    The “changing the under garments” part has made me chuckled :D But indeed, that is sooo true.
    Ari Wahyudi recently posted..Alternatif Pinterest Tanpa Invite: Coba Aja PinspireMy Profile

  9. Hi dude
    well said about gal fecebookers
    sreekanth recently posted..Make Money Online by Writing E-BooksMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    Had a giggle on your observations, Raaj.

    We must mix in completely different circles, I think.

    The majority of females I see on Facebook are more interested in chatting/messaging family, finding out what friends are up to and ‘Liking’ pictures of Inspirational Quotes.

    Though, I must keep an eye on them changing clothes, from now on :)
    Martin recently posted..Facebook Dating BookMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hahah! And at times, they ask you questions – “Why didn’t you like my picture?” I’m like “When did I say that? …and they say – “But you didn’t ‘like’ the picture”..!!

      Now I’m expected to go through the profile everyday? Hahah! Seriously :D

  11. Hello Raaj

    Awesome article. There are many things a girl can do without doing all these stupidity. Now-a days facebook wall has become a new chatbox for the new genx kids. I have seen many girls posting messages like ” Awwww!! cho chweet” on the wall. Well you are right, when both of you are online, you can easily use your chatbox instead of posting them on wall and showing extra care.


  12. Joseph Mills says:

    I agree with you. Some girls wants to write in somebody’s wall and let the public see all their conversation. I think its the way of their gossiping and getting someone’s attention.

    Thank for your very nice post. I wish some of the girls will be enlightened.

    • Good point Joseph. Actually, that is how I observed many girls using Facebook. They would want others to see their conversation. Maybe this is the counterpart of boys boasting on what they have? I don’t know.

      Regarding the everyday (sometimes twice or more a day) changing of default photos, that is sooo true. Again, many are just fond of themselves. However, I see this action with my guy friends too. They have changed their profile photos at least once a week while mine’s maintenance is once a year.

      And for the third point, smileys and emoticons. Well, this is understandable but to some extent only. Some do exaggerations and that’s when it becomes an eye sore.

      Raaj, you forgot another. Girls love to tag every person they know in a picture. They enjoy losing time over tagging faces. By the way, thank you for this blog. It made me excited for a counter part for this blog: top 3 things MEN do on facebook.
      binkrhodes recently posted..Why Incredible Chick?My Profile

    • Twitter:
      True Joseph! Thanks for the comment.
      Raaj Trambadia recently posted..3 Informal Yet Efficient Twitter Marketing TipsMy Profile

  13. Facebook and women are both mysterious at times. I know exactly what you mean by over-caring! There’s a LOT of that going on.

  14. Twitter:
    Interesting, but not surprising. I think that women use Facebook more for their ego than actual connection as far as profile pictures and talking on other people’s walls. They want to ‘show off’ their looks, talents, insights – whatever…to old friends and new friends. It’s just a part of human nature really. (What picture looks the best and shows my best side?)

    But as far as being grateful and saying nice things to you – it’s just because it’s a different way of communication. Of course, they are not going to say – awww, that’s so sweet <3 in person. But online, in writing, it's a way to communicate how we feel without body language. I think it's a perfect example of being real – so…be grateful that they are grateful!
    Bellaisa recently posted..How Do You Get a Guy To Kiss You?My Profile

  15. Miller says:

    I love when wall post communications have my name tagged in them so I get pulled into the middle of a public conversation. Sometimes I don’t even have to post my own status update after attending an even because several wall conversations will mention how the girl was there with me. lol

    • Twitter:
      That’s true! But what I’ve seen and observed is –
      A girl posts a status update saying “Had the greatest night of the week” (imagine :P ).

      After that, within minutes, she receives comments asking “What happened?” or “Where did you go?”.

      Then, she replies to each comment saying “I’ll inbox you”….!!

      God!! I mean, if she doesn’t want to share it with the public then why a status update regarding that? :D Girls I tell you man! :P

      Anyways, thanks for the comment! Cheers
      Raaj Trambadia recently posted..3 Informal Yet Efficient Twitter Marketing TipsMy Profile

  16. Jim Jenks says:

    I think the conversations under posts are amusing because I can see funny conversations that my friends have. But it is true, I’d rather not have my conversations viewed by 3rd parties.

  17. asma khan says:

    Girls don’t always use fb for all or any of the above reason.I have seen professional women selling brands through fb social networking and there are certain boutiques and salons run by girls,so every girl doesn’t sit for chatting or pics changing.There are the girls who are bringing an image of positive and healthy use of fb in the immature minds.

  18. great article…and infograph
    laughed about the display picture section…but its true, and im not sure why either Raaj, haha.
    but i am surprised at the fact there are more females using it than males…or am i?
    john bay recently posted..Hampton Bay Air ConditionerMy Profile

  19. Very amusing.

    I’m glad you qualified that by saying it’s mainly young girls. I never change my profile image and can’t see the point of changing it all the time. Ditto on wall to wall conversations or even using the messaging on facebook when you can easily email (and more privately as facebook stores all your messages to look for keywords)
    Tania recently posted..Check Your Body Mass IndexMy Profile

  20. Twitter:
    Lol, do we have the same friends? I also noticed this on my friends wall, kinda annoying too.
    sanjay recently posted..How to Create a Minimalist Coming Soon Page in PhotoshopMy Profile

  21. lauren says:

    This reminds me of my high-school years on Facebook! Writing on friends walls whenever I can just to prove that I have friends, so cringeworthy! Also the changing of profile pictures atleast once a week I was guilty for, teamed with the icnonic duckface!

  22. Yaa i too see the girls doing the same thing Keep it up writing these fantastic things @raaj

  23. Facebook has got astounding history with women users. As per a latest research, women are more active over Facebook for sharing pics, quotes and even update their status.

  24. joleen says:

    Not to mention their loads of pictures uploaded almost every hour :) just saying

  25. Hey, Raaj! Interesting infographic. Luckily you posted a PS as well, otherwise lots of women would have argued with you :) )
    Jennifer recently posted..Five Steps To A Better RelationshipMy Profile

  26. Twitter:
    It’s funny how social networking sites are changing the way we interact with each other. A whole new culture is shaping here…
    Hannah Hamilton recently posted..The Best Bag for Every Type of TravelerMy Profile

  27. Twitter:
    Annoying wall-to-wall chats? Hide ‘em from the newsfeed. Can’t recognize ‘friends’ in your list because of that gaussian blur or that new sepia tone? Eh. Didn’t know ‘em anyhow. Too many smilie faces? Tell them it creeps you out and you might have to unfriend them for being too creepy.
    Samuel recently posted..How To Write A Good Article!My Profile

  28. Twitter:
    “married women aren’t really seen on Facebook because they’re busy improving their husbands!”

    Well, I don’t know about that but it gave me a good chuckle!

    I see plenty of married women on facebook but you’re probably right that the ones that send status updates of their every move and mobile uploads of every meal they eat and every person they meet, the pigeons in the street, the flowers… do tend to be single females and not just teens. I have friends in their 30s 40s and 50s who change their photo most weeks.

  29. BrianLuv says:

    You should do this same kind of study on Pinterest. I bet the results would be just as humorous.

  30. OMG, I know what you mean, my GF is all day on Facebook and she loves to share gossips with her friends.

    SOOOOOO unproductive

  31. Twitter:
    Your observation is quite right, though nowadays I do notice some women and a few men who also do that. Maybe it’s like the Kim Kardashian thing – letting everybody into their life. Hard for me to understand, so I just ignore them, most of the time.
    Ismail N recently posted..Blogging – Antara Realiti Dan FantasiMy Profile

  32. Ha! you are so right! I see a lot of the younger female friends I have on Face Book doing all of the above. The new daily profile pictures is a big one! Lucky for them they are all very photogenic!
    Cathy recently posted..Pan Fried Pear, Toasted Walnut & Blue Cheese Salad with a Dijon VinaigretteMy Profile

  33. Can I add another one? Taking their picture in a mirror (most commonly, the washroom mirror) and putting it up on FB. (Disclaimer: I am not a sexist!)

    TBH, I know a lot of men doing pretty much everything that you’ve said in the post above.
    Leo recently posted..SEO Client Problems and How to Deal With ThemMy Profile

  34. Twitter:
    Me and my wife chat with each other wall to wall sometimes, is that so wrong? we love each other :D
    Aaron Hung recently posted..Does rising gas prices affect Americans?My Profile

  35. Your 2nd point rocks… they do change their undergarments every day!!!
    nik recently posted..ViewSonic launches ViewPhone 3 in IndiaMy Profile

  36. I would have thought that most women used Facebook to shop for things or find a man! Lol
    Wade recently posted..Get Black Ops 2 Free!My Profile

  37. I am a blogger who is “supposedly” know how to utilize the social media for my benefit. But it is wife who is the “expert” on facebook
    Andrew recently posted..What Causes Belly Fat In WomenMy Profile

  38. Twitter:
    Really i Liked your second Point. I never understood the meaning of Quotes and updates In facebook.
    suraj recently posted..31 Sites Like Omegle: Random Video Chat With Girls (Updated 2012)My Profile

  39. Carl Bartlett says:

    Good Post. This is not something I really thought about before, and will be watching their behaviour with interest from now on…

    PS: I loved the disclaimer at the end :)

  40. Haha, got some unexpected surprises here….Funny post Raaj.
    Karan Labra recently posted..5 Best Siri Alternatives for AndroidMy Profile

  41. Wow, when you just look at those huge numbers, you can see why Facebook is worth so much money!
    Denis recently posted..The Biggest Mistake to Wanting Your Ex Girlfriend Back Right NowMy Profile

  42. Shall we say, some women are just attention-seeker! I do agree that some women changed their profile picture, just to get affirmation from their friends. If many likes, women feel happy, if few likes or none at all, they feel bad and insecure (hehe)..So they change their profile pics always.

    So men please understand the women…

  43. Hahaha. This is close to complete. Here is a “maybe” interesting no.4 Facebook – Cheapest form of female therapy

  44. Twitter:
    thats why pinterest is made for women :p
    saad naeem recently posted..4 Recipes to Create an Interesting Website ContentMy Profile

  45. Melissa says:

    Also, overly sappy couples are guilty of #1. I can’t figure out why they don’t PM each other or just text, unless they WANT the eavesdropping.

    • Twitter:
      Sometimes it’s just nice to demonstrate a public display of affection.
      A bit like holding hands in public, I guess. You know it’ll make the others on feel good – that’s gotta be a good thing in a relationship, don’t you think?

  46. I was playing around with Facebook Ads page and noticed that there are more women users in almost all US cities compared to men. Regardless of what they do, they always get more likes for photos, status updates when compared to men.
    Arun recently posted..How to Change Facebook Password without LoginMy Profile

  47. Twitter:
    Also, They keep uploading images and ask her friends for like or comment. I never understand behavior girls on facebook.
    suraj recently posted..Chatroulette: Video Chat With Girls & BoysMy Profile

  48. Twitter:
    yeah, definitely agreed on these points. Most of my female fb friends love wall-to-wall conversation. hehe
    JeromeIbuyan recently posted..4-Step Strategy to Going Viral on StumbleUponMy Profile

  49. Twitter:
    Hi Raj,

    I had a good laugh reading your post man! good analysis!
    what you said is true. Today’s teens are concerned about their new status updates.
    I would also like to say that not all girls are the same. There are exceptions!!
    Mia Taylor recently posted..Unwarranted Concerns when Outsourcing Medical TranscriptionMy Profile

  50. Hey Raaj,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. I really enjoyed this post while reading and I am totally agree with you that nowadays girls are changing their profile picture every day and it became a trend for them. Chatting through wall to wall is very common between girls.
    Sudipto recently posted..Free Messaging Apps For AndroidMy Profile

  51. Twitter:
    LOL: and what about spying on boyfriends wall?
    Sadek recently posted..Skype for Your Android TabletMy Profile

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