What Makes WordPress Stand Out From The Crowd?


According to stats, WordPress currently powers nearly 46-48% of all the websites and blogs on the internet. When it comes to starting a website or a blog, WordPress is the first name that comes into any user’s name – and then followed by alternative options such as Joomla and Drupal. These stats clearly prove that […]

Is your CommentLuv Link Really Been Luved?


Confused? I’m here to explain it! Allow me to start with a question – Do you comment on other blogs as a part of traffic generation activities? If yes, then don’t stop reading this post! All bloggers practice blog commenting strategy to get some good amount of traffic to their blog, but does it really work? […]

Why Should You Start Blogging At A Young Age?

young blogger

A young mind is more passionate, about doing something it loves, than an old mind. Do you remember your teenage years when you decided to go out with the girl/boy you liked, and actually dated her/him even though there was a boyfriend/girlfriend standing behind? That was just an example! It’s the same case when it […]

Why I Probably Won’t Come Back To Your Blog


In a blog, or wherever, it’s always fun to get repeat customers, isn’t it? Have a look at the picture below – Don’t you want more and more repeat visitors on your blog? I don’t say that we don’t like new visitors, but as the  saying goes – ‘Old is Gold’. First, let me make it […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Personal Blog


“The 15 Year Old is Back”? Yes, I’m back in town! But with a short one this time! All those who don’t really ‘know’ me, please have a look at my first article on Comluv to get the fact behind the ’15 Year Old’ phrase! Most of you, but not me, have a blog on […]

Top 3 Things Women Do on Facebook

Facebook Logo

According to these stats, every month about 481,650,000 females make the most possible use of Facebook. When I compare my Facebook profile to any lady’s profile, all I have on my face is a dropped jaw! Using my two eyeballs, I observed that most of the women/girls who know Facebook more than their neighbors normally concentrate on […]

A 15 Year Old’s Journey Through Freelancing

Business man dreaming about his holidays

My Life – Then and Now Being a teenager, I had a less hectic life compared to my parents but when I saw it through my eyes, I often realised that I was really busy playing video games and watching senseless stuff on my 42 inch TV. Even staying awake to talk with friends and […]