What Makes WordPress Stand Out From The Crowd?

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Raaj Trambadia
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Raaj Trambadia
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According to stats, WordPress currently powers nearly 46-48% of all the websites and blogs on the internet. When it comes to starting a website or a blog, WordPress is the first name that comes into any user’s name – and then followed by alternative options such as Joomla and Drupal. These stats clearly prove that WordPress can currently be crowned as the best CMS platform to use.


Unlike Joomla and Drupal, WordPress attracts bloggers. This is due to several factors, which will be discussed later in this article. This article doesn’t intend to spread a negative word about any other CMS platform such as Joomla or Drupal, but rather spreads out the added benefits that are acquired.

The Exclusivity Held By WordPress

What makes WordPress so unique is the suppleness and ease (in terms of cases where technical knowledge is required) it provides to its users , of which the number grows enormously on a daily basis. Here are a few reasons why WordPress stands out of the crowd –


Even though WordPress was built primarily to be used as a blogging platform, it is widely being used for an uncountable number of reasons. Out of 10 people who want to set up a blog or a site, 7 will go with WordPress just because they know that it can’t get easier than this.

This doesn’t mean that other CMS platforms aren’t easy to use, but WordPress is just in a different world. The term “˜flexibility’ can’t really be defined because different users have different

needs on a CMS platform to be satisfied. But yet, the stats strongly prove that WordPress does satisfy users – in possibly all the ways a user wants.

Wide Design Options

You can probably find ANY WordPress theme that you never saw but always imagined in your mind over the web. There are millions of WordPress themes available around the net and hundreds or thousands being developed daily. These WordPress themes are a bit difficult to develop, but EASIEST to use as a blog/site owner. The easiness of the theme often depends on the options it has within. If the theme is a premium (paid) one, it has more chances to have better options and built-in functions.

Enhanced Functionality

WordPress strongly supports the use of added functionality in the form of plug-ins, popularly known as WP Plugins, which are developed by proficient coders – often referred to as developers. The plugins are functioned for specific uses, and they range from premium to free.

Friendship With The Search Engines

Be it the theme that one is using, or a remarkable plugin such as SEO by Yoast, WordPress just rocks the search engines. Almost every article that you land on through search engines is hosted on a blog which uses WordPress. The handling of posts (articles), pages, categories, tags etc is accurately managed by WordPress, and just requires some minor contribution from the users to get indexed on search engines. But to improve Google pagerank and rank higher is the job of the user!

Winding Up

Be it an idea of a blog or a site, WordPress is often preferred to be the choice of a normal user. It can be called as a “˜time-saver’ for millions because not everyone is a tech-savvy to start a blog/site within minutes. WordPress just makes a site owner’s life easy.