15 Tips to Protect Your Facebook account

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15 Tips to Protect Facebook accountI do not need to tell You Guys how Important it has become to keep our Facebook account Protected. Although it is very Tough to Hack into Facebook account but if proper security guidelines followed. Sometimes a few silly mistakes can lead to Your Facebook Account getting Hacked. It is quite Difficult to hack Facebook as Facebook have not used any Public platform for its development. So many attacks such as SQL injection and Cross scripting has become very difficult to implement. But no System is Perfect. So what can you do to protect Facebook Account? So here I am going to enlist and explain a few tips to Protect your Facebook account.

1) Enable https Login

You should change default login from http to https. https means Secure Browsing which is an optional feature on Facebook. This makes all of your Facebook activity encrypted which makes harder for anyone else to access your Facebook information without your permission. Hence it Protect your Facebook account.

2) Set a Unique Password

Set a Password which includes Upper Case lower case alphabets combinations and few digits along with one or two symbols. This makes harder for the people who hack your password by watching your keystrokes when they are nearby. Also don’t forget to change your password regularly with no relevance to the previous Password.

3) Add a Mobile Number

Add a mobile number which is very useful when you Forget your Password or to keep you updated with your notifications. Also it makes difficult to reset your password for other People which can be used to hack your Facebook account. Hence to protect Facebook account, you must add your mobile number.

4) Enable Login Notifications

When you enable login notifications, Facebook asks you the name of the machine from you are logging in to your Facebook account and sends the details to your Facebook registered mobile and e-mail address.

5) Enable Login Approvals

What if someone already knows your Mobile number? It makes them easier right? No because there is one more feature for advanced security to protect Facebook account. With login approvals you will need to add a special login code each time you try to access your Facebook account from a new computer or mobile phone. You will not have to enter a code when you login from a recognized device.

6) Use Multiple e-mail ID’s for your Facebook Account

Add two or three extra e-mail id’s to your Facebook account after your primary e-mail ID. This can be used to recover your Facebook password when your primary e-mail ID is not accessible.

7) Avoid Using Random Apps

Using Apps from an untrusted supplier can surely create a Big threat to your Facebook account. To protect Facebook account you must carefully use the apps and grant them Permission. Most of the Apps work as Loggers for your Facebook

account, which records your every activity.

9) Avoid Spammy Links posted on Facebook

I have seen many spammy links on the Facebook which often claims to “Change the Skin of Facebook Profile” or to “View who visited Your Profile” etc. These links are completely fake. Don’t click on such links when you are logged in to your Facebook account. Clicking such links will automatically send your password to the Hackers. I have seen another method which was very common earlier. Some articles used to claim that pasting particular script in the address bar when logged in to Facebook can show you the recent visitors to your profile. Well this is another trap for the Facebook users. Pasting such scripts will not give you any advantage instead these scripts will send your password immediately to the hackers. So to protect Facebook account you must avoid Clicking on unknown links and Pasting scripts into the address bar.

10) Install a Good Online Security Antivirus

Visiting some sites can give them network access to your machine which is completely unsafe. Online security blocks access to such attackers. So Installing a Good online security antivirus is must to Protect your Facebook account.

11) Avoid Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are the one of the most common methods to hack your Facebook account. All they do is that they send you a Link which is linked to a Fake login page which appears to be real and when we login to the page our user id and Password is sent to the Attacker. Sp try to avoid logging into Spammy links sent to your Inbox.

12) Don’t “Keep Me logged IN”

Avoid this option provided by Facebook at the time of logging in.It is observed that this option has become the most silly mistake which leads to Facebook account getting hacked. So Always remember to uncheck this option.

13) Use Privcacy Setting to Hide Your Personal Information

Hide Your Personal Information such as Your Work and School Details,Friend list etc. From at least strangers. Make them limited to your Friends only or you can keep some information to selected Friends only. Hackers can use such data to retrieve your password by getting your details and use them at Facebook’s “Forgot Password” option.

14) Change Album Privacy Settings

Change Privacy setting for your albums limited to your friends list or to Selected friends. The Profile Pictures’ album makes the latest profile picture as Public by default so after you change your profile Picture make sure it is limited to your Friends or it is Public. Facebook Cover Photos are “Public” by default, you cannot make them private so don’t upload your personal photos as Facebook cover as anyone can easily copy them.

15) Don’t Forget to Logout

Most of the times when users are logged in at the Public computers such as Cyber cafe’s they forget to Log Out. Which proves to be another great advantage to crack the account. Although it is not possible to hack password when user is logged in but someone can easily mess up with the logged in account.

So here are my 15 tips which can help you to Protect Facebook account. If you know any more tips or if you have any opinion about my Post then you are most Welcome and please let me know with the help of Comments below. Thank You.