15 Tips to Protect Your Facebook account

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15 Tips to Protect Facebook accountI do not need to tell You Guys how Important it has become to keep our Facebook account Protected. Although it is very Tough to Hack into Facebook account but if proper security guidelines followed. Sometimes a few silly mistakes can lead to Your Facebook Account getting Hacked. It is quite Difficult to hack Facebook as Facebook have not used any Public platform for its development. So many attacks such as SQL injection and Cross scripting has become very difficult to implement. But no System is Perfect. So what can you do to protect Facebook Account? So here I am going to enlist and explain a few tips to Protect your Facebook account.

1) Enable https Login

You should change default login from http to https. https means Secure Browsing which is an optional feature on Facebook. This makes all of your Facebook activity encrypted which makes harder for anyone else to access your Facebook information without your permission. Hence it Protect your Facebook account.

2) Set a Unique Password

Set a Password which includes Upper Case lower case alphabets combinations and few digits along with one or two symbols. This makes harder for the people who hack your password by watching your keystrokes when they are nearby. Also don’t forget to change your password regularly with no relevance to the previous Password.

3) Add a Mobile Number

Add a mobile number which is very useful when you Forget your Password or to keep you updated with your notifications. Also it makes difficult to reset your password for other People which can be used to hack your Facebook account. Hence to protect Facebook account, you must add your mobile number.

4) Enable Login Notifications

When you enable login notifications, Facebook asks you the name of the machine from you are logging in to your Facebook account and sends the details to your Facebook registered mobile and e-mail address.

5) Enable Login Approvals

What if someone already knows your Mobile number? It makes them easier right? No because there is one more feature for advanced security to protect Facebook account. With login approvals you will need to add a special login code each time you try to access your Facebook account from a new computer or mobile phone. You will not have to enter a code when you login from a recognized device.

6) Use Multiple e-mail ID’s for your Facebook Account

Add two or three extra e-mail id’s to your Facebook account after your primary e-mail ID. This can be used to recover your Facebook password when your primary e-mail ID is not accessible.

7) Avoid Using Random Apps

Using Apps from an untrusted supplier can surely create a Big threat to your Facebook account. To protect Facebook account you must carefully use the apps and grant them Permission. Most of the Apps work as Loggers for your Facebook account, which records your every activity.

9) Avoid Spammy Links posted on Facebook


have seen many spammy links on the Facebook which often claims to “Change the Skin of Facebook Profile” or to “View who visited Your Profile” etc. These links are completely fake. Don’t click on such links when you are logged in to your Facebook account. Clicking such links will automatically send your password to the Hackers. I have seen another method which was very common earlier. Some articles used to claim that pasting particular script in the address bar when logged in to Facebook can show you the recent visitors to your profile. Well this is another trap for the Facebook users. Pasting such scripts will not give you any advantage instead these scripts will send your password immediately to the hackers. So to protect Facebook account you must avoid Clicking on unknown links and Pasting scripts into the address bar.

10) Install a Good Online Security Antivirus

Visiting some sites can give them network access to your machine which is completely unsafe. Online security blocks access to such attackers. So Installing a Good online security antivirus is must to Protect your Facebook account.

11) Avoid Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are the one of the most common methods to hack your Facebook account. All they do is that they send you a Link which is linked to a Fake login page which appears to be real and when we login to the page our user id and Password is sent to the Attacker. Sp try to avoid logging into Spammy links sent to your Inbox.

12) Don’t “Keep Me logged IN”

Avoid this option provided by Facebook at the time of logging in.It is observed that this option has become the most silly mistake which leads to Facebook account getting hacked. So Always remember to uncheck this option.

13) Use Privcacy Setting to Hide Your Personal Information

Hide Your Personal Information such as Your Work and School Details,Friend list etc. From at least strangers. Make them limited to your Friends only or you can keep some information to selected Friends only. Hackers can use such data to retrieve your password by getting your details and use them at Facebook’s “Forgot Password” option.

14) Change Album Privacy Settings

Change Privacy setting for your albums limited to your friends list or to Selected friends. The Profile Pictures’ album makes the latest profile picture as Public by default so after you change your profile Picture make sure it is limited to your Friends or it is Public. Facebook Cover Photos are “Public” by default, you cannot make them private so don’t upload your personal photos as Facebook cover as anyone can easily copy them.

15) Don’t Forget to Logout

Most of the times when users are logged in at the Public computers such as Cyber cafe’s they forget to Log Out. Which proves to be another great advantage to crack the account. Although it is not possible to hack password when user is logged in but someone can easily mess up with the logged in account.

So here are my 15 tips which can help you to Protect Facebook account. If you know any more tips or if you have any opinion about my Post then you are most Welcome and please let me know with the help of Comments below. Thank You. 


  1. Hi Ravi !
    you have great shared ! thank you for your ideas. i will be more helpful to protect my Facebook. sometime we avoid common mistake but this mistake can be more harmful. i would like to replicate your ideas to my FB account.

  2. hi ravi – Nice, quick review for people who have read the recent news about the porn spam on Facebook. Glad that the company was able to quash it quickly. Now, they should focus on eliminating friend request spam.
    zoya recently posted…The History of Health and Beauty Spas in BritainMy Profile

  3. Majid Chaudhry says:

    Hello I have a task with me. One of my friend created a Facebook Group and make some admins from his community. Now a person removed all the admins and became the admin of this group. Now how can he get back his group from that person.

  4. Ashutosh says:

    Hey Ravi nice post bro . Informative now i can keep my fb account much safe . Keep it and thanks for the post

  5. I have heard of Facebook accounts being hacked. And I think it can be a scary thing to have it hacked and used. I am going to follow some of the methods you have outlined, you just cannot be too safe when it comes to safeguarding your account.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted…Holi – Festival of ColorsMy Profile

  6. Deepak Mehra says:

    Hi Ravi ,

    It is really great infomation for every facebook user. I think your tips are really awesome and useful.
    now i can keep my facebook account safe.

    Thanks for share with me..

  7. Thank for excellent tips to protect facebook account i will try all of this .
    mohammed kalimulla recently posted…What is Micro subsitutionMy Profile

  8. Another privacy issue that I would add is that apps can get info about YOU when your FRIENDS install them. While in your Privacy Settings, you should also visit “Apps, Games, and Websites”, and check out “How people bring your info to apps they use” to see what info about you these apps can get from your friends.
    Evan recently posted…Best 20 Construction WordPress themes 2013My Profile

  9. Thanks Ravi,

    Excellent tips I need to learn more from you on Facebook.

    I’ll share this tip for #SoMeSa.
    Darnell Jackson recently posted…Increased Unique Visitors, Visits, and % New Visits for the 5th week in a row [5M 005]My Profile

  10. I faced an issue of getting hacked or something similar with the click on a link which is message by my friend. Then my account got hacked and I was sending message with similar link to my friends.
    Ravi your post is looking good because you listed almost all the protection techniques. :)
    Tushar Thakur recently posted…Does your Android really need an antivirus?My Profile

  11. Hey Ravi !
    Once I was hacked by my best friend, who knows my password of hotmail, although the facebook password was different. But my facebook was attached to hotmail. so here is the advice that with the changing of your facebook’s password, keep changing the passward of other accounts attached to the facebook.
    Thanks for the nice tips.
    Matt Kennedy
    Matt Kennedy recently posted…Free Scarf When You Sign at Nutty BingoMy Profile

  12. Yes Anurag
    When Users Find Something Curious about any app They Jus tGrant Permission without Reading what Kind of Permissions the App is Asking for. If users review the Permissions they can easily Find out that most of the Apps asks for almost every Detail like Chatting History and e-mail Addresses
    Ravi recently posted…How to Create WordPress Parallax Scrolling effects?My Profile

  13. Thanks for the tips. Using Phishing websites is one sure way that hackers use to get peoples login details. A good number of people just open links that they have been send by friends or people they know too well without know that these could be hackers. A friend of mine once hacked me this way, the good thing about it is that he was only trying to alert me.
    Never ever open links that have been sent to know if they look suspicious.

  14. Yes Not only the Links Displayed on the News Feed but also Anonymous mails asking for Facebook Login or the Mails which Pretend to be Facebook Team should not be Opened.
    Ravi recently posted…4 Methods to hack Facebook Account used by HackersMy Profile

  15. Interesting, I didn’t realize there is a security difference with https. That’s such a simple but important way to keep your information from being hacked. Thanks.
    Robert Koenig recently posted…Distracted Drivers Often New MomsMy Profile

  16. Definitely some tips that everyone should take on board to protect their Facebook accounts!
    I have a good one to add to the list – don’t leave your iPhone laying around for your friends to post status updates on your behalf, ;-)
    Mark Morphew recently posted…WP Zon BuilderMy Profile

  17. Yes ,Securing your iPhone with Password will be More easy or You can Lock Particular Applications such as Facebook or Internet Browser from which you use Facebook.
    Ravi recently posted…4 Methods to hack Facebook Account used by HackersMy Profile

  18. Great tips, i always use my password as combination of lower and capital letter. other tips also very helpful to protects Facebook account. thanks for sharing.

  19. Hi,These are some simple but neat tricks..I recently was in doubts if my account was compromised enabling login notification helped and i eventually had to reset my password to make sure no one else had access to my FB
    Suraj recently posted…Google Maps for IOS now allows local searchMy Profile

  20. Thanks for these tips, I think if we take care of these tips then we will not face these type of hacking.
    Prakash recently posted…Review of Best Web hosting 2013My Profile

  21. I had a hard time retrieving my account password when it got hacked by someone. The points mentioned above are quite informative and will help me in securing it from hackers.
    Rinkesh recently posted…Pollution, Causes and EffectsMy Profile

  22. These are good tips. There are already so many privacy concern for Facebook users that a list like this is always welcome. One thing I’d add is to use s unique secret question/answer combination on your backup email so that guessing the answer to gain access to the account is harder.

  23. Deepak Mehra says:


    I like your article. I think it is the most important for everyone to keep protect in our account. I think these 15 point your describe realy useful for me.

    Thanks for share me this useful article!!

  24. Yes Changing the Password in Regular Intervals Keeps it More secure. Just do not Resemble the Old Password with the New one
    Ravi recently posted…4 Methods to hack Facebook Account used by HackersMy Profile

  25. mansi kaul says:

    Hi Ravi,
    Excellent post and very imformative post. I am totally agreed with ytour points. Really these 15 tips to protect your facebook account. In my opinion, your password should be strong and keep changing with in 3 months. but these tips are also good to protect your facebook account. i have not used of these tips. but i must try it. Well thanks dear for it.

  26. very nice article and informative article ravi,,
    now a days facebook is very much prone to hackers, my many friends accidentally clicked into the spam links and their profile got hacked.
    you’ve provided very good tips here to tackle this type of situations thanks for the tips:)
    rohit recently posted…What is java class?My Profile

  27. My facebook account was once hacked a few years back. I have been very careful since then. Thanks for these reminders.

  28. Ashley Drake Gephart says:

    These are great tips for protecting your facebook account. I’ve seen many friends and clients get their accounts hacked when these simple solutions would help to prevent most cases. Just logging out would help so many! Sharing these tips with my network.

  29. Thanks for the information.Because few months ago someone hacked my account and post some vulgar video but after that i changed my password and now it’s work fine.

    BTW thanks again.

  30. John Watson says:

    Agreed with those points… really the time comes to aware… i think the main spam comes from the unidentified apps…
    so, I personally thanks you for this article…

  31. Nice post Ravi !
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and your tips with us. It really help me to add a better protection to my Facebook account!
    steve wec recently posted…Htmlogiste en folie 3 : Avion PikachuMy Profile

  32. Hey Ravi, Awesome Tips bro. Now a days many Facebook accounts are getting hacked. Using Strong Passwords are very important to secure your account. Thanks for Sharing this great tips :)
    Sai Kumar recently posted…5 Best Places to Find Images for Your Blog PostsMy Profile

  33. Great post Ravi! I know too many people who got hacked by ignoring the above suggestions! Best suggestion for me was, Don’t Keep Me Logged In! Thanks for the advice!

  34. Diego Martin says:

    Hi there Ravi, nice share! Keeping your account safe could be difficult nowadays…
    This will help to improve my account security for sure. Everybody should take note! Thks a lot :)

  35. well facebook takes a very needy place in our lives , but we should have proper knowledge about the product which we use. Great post Ravi .
    Monika recently posted…Nokia Lumia 822 {Full Specifications & Price}My Profile

  36. You must also make sure that there is no illegal spy software on your computer!

  37. Manidip Bandyopadhyay says:

    It’s very important to protect your Facebook profile. We all save and share personal data in our Facebook profile. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to protect everything. Facebook alone can’t help protecting our own profiles. Tricks we must abide by are already given here. Always make sure your password is changed frequently and the strength is always high. I already follow some of these tricks. Rest are all yours, Hats off! Thanks a lot you guys.

  38. How could you miss 2-step authentication supported by Facebook where you can link your mobile to the Facebook account. Now hackers need to know the password and also have your phone to hack into your Facebook account. This is a must for anyone concerned about security on social media.

  39. Facebook isn’t safe any more, their are several tricks in the web that can hack Facebook like a piece of cake.
    recently a friend of mine accidentally caught himself by phishing in Facebook.
    he clicked a link on his Facebook wall which result in sending vulgar messages to many of his friends..
    I think one can remain safe from this type of activity only by not providing too much personal details in their Facebook account.
    BTW nice article Ravi :)
    Rohit recently posted…Find the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000My Profile

  40. Hey Ravi
    Nice post and thanks for sharing this post because now days its very easy to hack facebook accounts but by using these tips its became difficult for the hackers to hack it. I really like the second idea.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Love Stories Of All TimeMy Profile

  41. I have login notifications enabled but sometimes it is pain because I have to specify Device name everytime I try to login to my facebook account.

    Recently I also received an email that my password was reset :( Don’t know who tried that one on me. Maybe they should also provide the IP address of the person who was trying to request a new password for my account.
    Keral Patel recently posted…Five Reasons You Should Have Your Own WebsiteMy Profile

  42. Yep a lot of facebook accounts are being hacked nowadays, to be safe from these hacking scams , we must check url before adding pass and keep diff pass for every serice. THus we could stay secure
    Jafar Dhada recently posted…Whatsapp for PC, Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/XPMy Profile

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