How to Save your Marriage from Divorce

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Sanjib Saha
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Sanjib Saha
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Sanjib Saha
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I am going to tell you How to save your marriage from divorce. Well firstly a quote from the great scientist Albert Einstein comes to my mind -“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Similarly saving a marriage is not the same as marrying a person again. Both are completely different. You two were two different human beings before the marriage and two different human beings before the marriage and this difference is what is causing the marriage to break.

Reasons behind divorce

  • The reason may be one is blaming the other all the time. No is taking responsibility for anything. You are just busy passing the bucket toward your partner.
  • You think that your partner has changed since marriage. This can happen many times and this is not something uncommon. Marriage brings in a lot of responsibilities. So maintain the career and personal life at the same time can turn out to be a bit of burden for some people. They need proper guidance and proper counseling-nothing else.
  • You do not trust your partner anymore. This can be a very big factor and can cause devastating effects on any marriage life. It will become extremely difficult to save your marriage if there is no trust between the couple. If the trust has broken due to genuine reasons then I am afraid to say that it is not worth saving the marriage anymore.
  • You think that your partner has stopped loving you. This is also
    a very common factor which causes divorce. However no one is to be blamed for this. Your husband perhaps hasn’t stopped loving you .the reality is that he has stopped showing it to you may be because of pressure at work or lack of time.

How to save your marriage from divorce

  • Improve communication with your partner. This is the simplest way to save your marriage from divorce. Perhaps you have been holding back your problems for a long time. But deep inside you think that your partner will get to know about them. Practically speaking it is you at fault here. Unless you speak about your problems your partner will not be able to know about them. Tell clearly what you expect from your marriage, how you want your married life to be, what problems and doubts you are facing. Then sit together and chalk out a solution. You should know how to express yourself properly.
  • Drive any third party away. Stop getting advices from your friends and relatives. They are not the ones who are facing the divorce. It is you. They will give you millions of advices which can leave you totally frustrated and confused. So avoid third parties as much as you can.
  • Bring back the love again in your relationship. Sneak out time for your partner and take him or her for some vacation. Let your partner know that you still care about the relationship. If that is not feasible a candle lit dinner, a surprise party or a romantic dance may just do the trick.

One moment is all it takes to bring the smiles back. So now that you know How to save your marriage from divorce you should implement the rules and have a happy future.