BOL newsletter 48 – how to fix the XML error and looking for a social media manager

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Here’s the video and transcription of this weeks newsletter on how to fix the invalid xml entity error and more And this weeks winner is Jeannie from Nomadic Chick¬†who recently wrote about “A last look at China” well done Jeannie,maybe someone will leave a comment on your blog to say well done (hint hint!) and […]

CommentLuv Sale – coupon code helpandy

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250x250 sale anim

That’s right, CommentLuv Premium is now on sale. (now expired) Use a Coupon to GET $52 off! To celebrate my birthday and to try and persuade you to help me reach the goal of getting a new video editing suite, I am offering this voucher to you which allows you to get all the whizz […]

How to find CommentLuv blogs to comment where you know you should

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Here’s the video and transcription for the newsletter #47 Oh! and the winner of the first weeks lifetime license is : Savvy Scot who recently wrote about When saving money, be time concious ok that should send out some pingbacks to the site, it’s just up to the owner to get in to contact with […]

New CommentLuv Contest and Sales Video

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Here’s the video and transcript to the newsletter to my big ol’ list Transcript Hey how you doing, oh it seems ages since I’ve spoken to my big old list! I’m sorry about that but it’s been a bit M.S.’y, a bit funny with my multiple sclerosis which, is you can’t really predict whether your […]

Guest blogging deserves a bit of respect

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Show some respect

There’s been a new guest post almost every single day for the past two weeks and for the most part, they’ve been excellent! There have been a couple however that I have had to reject because they weren’t guest posts, more like excuses to publish sales pages that lead to more sales pages or written […]

How to backup PC using Free PC backup software

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Are you fed up of the computer problems? PC users will encounter certain problems that would not be preferable. Some of the most common problems that occur are hard drive failure, corrupted files, hit by viruses, accidental theft and a lot more. These problems are not avoidable but we have a solution for these problems. […]

Database cull to remove over a million rows of sludge

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I have spent the past two days firefighting on the server… here’s what I got up to here’s the sql notes I made to remove the comments and associated comment meta and then remove all users except administrators and contributors * find all non contributors and admins SELECT distinct user_id FROM `wp_usermeta` WHERE meta_key = […]

Guest blogging is NOT dead.. see Matt Cutt’s appended post in this video

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I can’t type so well these days so I made a video using google hangouts instead (and share my screen) here it is!

How to punch spammers in the face!

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punch spammer

New wave of spam – how? There is some¬†automated comment software that can learn your comment form, it can see all those hidden fields that anti spam plugins add for referrer values, time on page, and other ‘trap’ type fields all those anti-spam plugins are pretty much useless against it there are some things you […]

Some MS stats – percentage of people with MS who have RRMS

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MS statistics

Click to enlarge 85% – RRMS 15% – PPMS = 100% (65% of the people with RRMS will go on to get SPMS within 15 years)