Some MS stats – percentage of people with MS who have RRMS

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MS statistics
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85% – RRMS

15% – PPMS

= 100%

(65% of the people with RRMS will go on to get SPMS within 15 years)



  1. Wow Andy, I really had no idea about this stuff. I’ve never really known anyone personally that had MS, but I can’t imagine the anxiety that would go along with it. Thanks for sharing these statistics.
    You are in my prayers and I hope you don’t have to witness all these stages. Are they inevitable?

    • I have RRMS Robert so there is a 65% chance that I will go on to SPMS within 15 years.. but it’s not a sure thing so, as long as I live well, eat healthily and try to prevent stress and anxiety then I might be able to bypass it and just be mildly disabled instead :)
      andy recently posted…CommentLuv PremiumMy Profile

      • Mildly disabled is bad enough some times. It depends on the day, and the time of day, and how many people you have had to deal with. Also with just how smart(stupid?) those people are.

        The good days are pretty danged good though. Here’s hoping and praying that you keep on having a lot more good ones than bad ones.

  2. Good you pointed these fogures out
    I suffer from Primary Progressive MS and the future for any treatment looks bleek
    Re asons a re Pharma`s cannot see a profit in spending $ millions plus with se few sufferers.They will only spend money on reseach if there is a pay back
    Tough for us sufferers but real
    Greg recently posted…Credit Card-The Safety Benefits when travelingMy Profile

  3. Interesting, Andy – I was aware that people with MS had widely differing outcomes and that it could progress in different ways, but didn’t realise there were these specific ‘types’ of the disease.

    I’m glad you’re only in the first level of sorcery at the moment, and hope it stays that way – or disappears altogether – that would be nice :)

    Sue Neal recently posted…A Google Chrome Irritation Resolved!My Profile

  4. All the best Andy, hope your health level increases at highest point in near future.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…John Deere Front Mower v 1.0My Profile

  5. Mery suave says:

    after reading this article i will try to level up my level of sorcery :p hahaha thank you

  6. I didn’t know this. I do not like to be a victim of the same. Thank for sharing ~ Anetta
    Anetta Bursh recently posted…Download IrfanView for Mac & Windows 7/8/XP PC (Latest)My Profile

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