Some CommentLuv Statistics

Post Views for Sep :
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graph-risingThere has been an increasing amount of traffic to the CommentLuv API every day over the past few months so I thought I’d share some of the numbers.

Users registered : 11,888

Unique sites with CommentLuv installed : 185,256

ComLuv blogs created : 883

From the last 1 month

Last post links included in (approved) comments
182,808. (average : 6093 per day)
Clicks made on CommentLuv

72,334 (average : 2411 per day)
User info links viewed in the last month
18,621 (average : 620 per day)

Support in the last 1 month

Support tickets submitted from WP users
Support tickets submitted from Blogger users
Support tickets submitted from WPMu users

Search Stats for “CommentLuv”

Google: 1.8 Million
Yahoo: 1.91 Million
Bing: 9.92 Million (bloody hell!)


Google : PR5
Alexa : 32,130

Suffice to say, I’m a happy boy!