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Wade Harman
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Let Me Set the Record Straight

It seems I have struck a nerve when I posted about Backlinks For Your Site. I thought I could help a few people out with showing different methods that I use to get good quality backlinks. One of the ways that I do this is through forum posting. As you can see, with 95 comments later, I may have excited a few people and had others feel I was an idiot! After that post, a lot of people contacted me saying that I wouldn’t be able to get ranked with just dofollow links. I want to set the record straight, I DO use these methods metioned in the article to get dofollow links, however, I not only use these alone.

The Benefits of Nofollow

Another method that I use 3 days out of the week is getting nofollow links.  A nofollow strategy should also be implemented while trying to rank number one on Google. A nofollow link means that the site you commented on, or left your link at will not be sharing the juice with the search engines. However, you can still benefit from the nofollow link.

The Nofollow link Benefits:

  1. You can still get traffic coming to your site from nofollow links.  You will not be able to get traffic from a search on Google, but if you leave your link on a site that seems interesting to someone, then you CAN still benefit from this type of link through the traffic that it brings.
  2. Search engines still follow: Although links are deemed “˜nofollow’, search engines will still follow the link and index your page in some cases. Most won’t let the backlink impact your search engine rankings or PageRank, though.  Search engines can still index the nofollow links, remember, this is not a “noindex” tag. The search engines just will not follow the link.
  3. Having
    only Dofollow links are suspicious to the search engines.
      As Google’s algorithm becomes better every day, it might find that having only the dofollow type of backlink is bad for a particular site.  This is where nofollow has to come into play.  You don’t want your site to be out on a dofollow limb alone.
  4. Nofollow links do not hurt your website rankings.  It cannot bring you down in the searches at all, actually the nofollow link acts as a buffer between the search engines and your site, protecting your dofollow links from them!

Employing a technique of nofollow comments and forum postings alongside your dofollow regiment will actually protect your site from the slap that it will eventually receive from Google if you only have dofollow links!

So, with that said, I want to discourage you from thinking that only dofollow links are important for rankings. The same tip goes for nofollow as it does dofollow for me. Find a great nofollow forum, and start posting. The DaniWeb is a Page Rank 6 nofollow forum and you can get indexed on the search engines through here.

The Nofollow Balance

Don’t disrupt the balance between nofollow and dofollow. If you do, you will surely pay the price for it! If all you have been creating is dofollow links, then you may want to rethink your strategy a little! Try searching Google for “nofollow blogs” or “nofollow forums” sign up and keep that regiment going. The nofollow links are protecting you from getting swatted by Google’s plethora of black and white animals!

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