Do you have a Guest Posting Strategy?

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Guest Posting Strategy

Guest Coming to your Blogs

Do you do planning for your online business or promotion of your blog through Guest Posting?

Strategy planning for your blog can be a competitive advantage in the current online world. If you are not doing that then you can be left behind by your competitors.

Everything which you do online to mark your presence felt, should be done with a proper planning.

Guest posting is one of the good ways to get free traffic and good quality backlinks, but does that mean you should spend your precious time in creating guest posts and send them to all the blogs?

No, it should be a planned effort and you should have a proper strategy for that.

Create a schedule for Guest Posting

We always have a schedule for posting on our blog, but most people do guest posting in their extra time. It should also be included in the posting schedule and you should keep some time for this.

My preference is having at least 1 guest post per week which makes it 4 in a month, but it can also depend on the posting frequency of your blog. If you post less frequently you can choose some other frequency.

The main idea is you should have some time spare for it, so that it can become a routine activity.

Find a Blog for Sending Guest Post

Once you have created a schedule and are creating guest posts then next step is to find out which blogs you are going to send your post to.

You will always find many choices in your niche, but you need to decide which ones you are going to use. There can be many parameters to decide and here are few of those which I look for:

PR Rank

You should

be looking for PR rank or other similar ranks for the blog. You should not only look for main page rank, should also look what ranking their internal pages get. Your post will eventually become an internal page of that blog and will give a backlink to your blog.

PR for blogs main page and internal page are different, like Problogger is a PR6 blog but the guest posts goes to PR4. So my last guest post on Problogger is a PR4 page and I have got a link from that page not a PR6 page.

Users Interactions

User interaction is another important factor, which you should look. Number of comments per post and traffic for that blog is a good indication.

You can look for some guest posts on that blog and check how many comments they get. You want some traffic back to your blog and one of the parameter to guess that is user interaction.

The more interaction your post will get on host blog, more chances are there that readers will check your blog.

Post Availability on Front Page

Another important factor is how long your post will be available on the home page of the host blog. Remember only the timing is not important, you need to include the amount of traffic also.

So if a blog gives you a week on the home page with huge traffic than it is better than a blog which gives you a month with low traffic.

So my formula for putting blogs in priority list is: Time on home page * Amount of traffic

Intention is to show your post to more readers and get more exposure.

Track Your Guest Post

Yes, you also need to track your guest post. You include backlinks in your guest post and you need to track how much traffic you got from that host blog.

An easy way is to use source tag in your link, which can help you generate a report in your Google Analytics account. It’s an easy way to see how much traffic you are actually getting from that post.

You need to add ?utm_src tag to your links to make them visible in Google Analytics. If you want to create links with source you can check this link creation tool from Google.

So What else are you doing for your guest posts?

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