Are You Using Smartphones to its Potential

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Do you own a smartphone?

I guess this question has lost its meaning in today’s world, Smartphones are so cheap these days (including free with 2 year contracts sometimes). So now the question has changed to are we using them to their full potential?

If we just go 5 years back, having a computer with 1GHz CPU, 1GB Ram was a great thing and people did wonders with that power, now we keep more than that power in our pocket, what are we doing with that?


Here are few things that we can do with that power.

1. Creating Drafts for your blog from Smartphones

This sound like a most common activity. It doesn’t matter which platform you use for blogging you have all of them available on smartphones. I work with WordPress and I have WordPress installed on my smartphone.

The usability is so good that I don’t have to have my laptop to blog. I can do that at any place, I prefer creating a draft from the smartphone as I haven’t mastered the formatting part till now (you need html tags to create the properly formatted post).

The other good benefit is most of the smartphones are packed with voice recognizing features, so you can skip typing also on the smartphone. Have you considered giving dictation to your smartphone for your next post? (though sometimes it can be creepy depending on the voice recognization system)

The other good thing is that you can do some management work also from it, like comment moderation, check the stats etc.

2. Getting Snaps for your posts

This is also a no brainier with the powerful cameras coming with smartphones. Now the phones come with 8MP cameras and they are good at taking quality snaps.

The other thing which goes in favor of smartphone cameras is availability. As soon as you think you want

this snap, you just have to reach to your pocket.

If you don’t like plain images on your blog than there are many application available to add an effect to your images. I personally use photofunia, but there are others also which do the job.

3. Catching the idea’s on the fly

This is another great thing, many times you were walking, doing something and an idea clicks in your mind. This can be your next post or a series of posts, but it has to stick till you reach home.

With the smartphone it is not required, you can just create an audio or text note on your smartphone to save the idea.

There are many applications available on smartphones to capture that like Evernote. I prefer audio notes as it is easy to capture it in case we are travelling.

4. Read your subscribed blog

It can also be used to read your RSS feed (many RSS reader available on each platform), or can be used to read the latest with the help of applications like feedly.

The good thing with many RSS application is they download the content for offline reading so it doesn’t matter if you have data connection or not. You can still read the posts and that’s the reason I am in favor of sending full posts in the feed rather than excerpts.

5. Social Activities for Your Blog

Twitter/Facebook/Foursquare/Foodspotting what is not there on the smartphones, you can manage the full social media from the smartphones itself.

You can do most of the social stuff from your smartphone like sharing on Facebook,  tweeting or anything you can think off. So Are you using it to its fullest for social media?.

6. Play Games

This can be for fun, sometimes a break from the blogging is good.

But if you have a blog for Games, now no need to check games at your laptop only, you can play the games on smartphones or write a review for a mobile games. There are so many games available on mobile platform and many new games are coming each day.

So what do you do with your smartphone?