5 Changes to Reduce Bounce Rate by 50%

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Reduce Bounce Rate

If you have come here in a hope to get a perfect formula to reduce bounce rate by 50% than it’s not here (“There is no such formula” and if somebody is selling it than he is fooling people).

Than what is in this post, it has “5 Changes which I have done on my blog and reduced bounce rate by 50%”. Your results can vary based on the blogs and the niche.

1) Theme Selection

Theme Selection is most important to reduce bounce rate. Most of the readers who bounced off, do not stay more than few seconds on blog, which means they didn’t even read your content.

A cluttered, disorganized theme can put your readers off, where a clean, professional looking theme can force them to at-least read your content. I changed my theme to a professional one rather than a free theme.

Only having a professional theme was not enough, I made sure my ad placement is better. It should not give an impression that I am filling my site with ads only, ads and widgets should go with the theme (I am still working on this but I have better setup now compare to when I started.).

2) Font Size and Selection

The first change which I have done is – increase the font size. I change it to 15px from 12px.

Though 12px is good enough size and it’s there in online business from long time, 15px is makes posts more readable. It looks pleasing to the eyes and reduces stress to reader.

I changed the font size of above line to 15px, was it more readable?

I changed the font selection

also on my blog, Fonts should be more readable and clean-looking. I am using simple Droid-sans on my blog which looks good with the font size I have.

Font Selection depends on the size of the font as size can change a way font looks. So you need to choose it based on your theme and size of your blog’s font.

Font size and selection also has big impact in reduce bounce rate.

3) Related Articles Position and Thumbnails

This was another change which resulted in reducing bounce rate. I used to show related posts in text format at bottom of each post. Click rate was low.

I first changed it to related posts with thumbnails, but left it at bottom of post. It increased click rate by some margin, but I was still hoping that people will reach till end of post and find that section.

After that I moved it to head of the blog, and it created wonders. It is one of the hot zones for the blog currently. Though this kind of change requires little PHP knowledge, but there are tools which can help you.

4) Experiment with Image Sizes

Image size can also be a factor in bounce rate. Nice and good size images attract readers.

I experimented with image sizes and now I am using many full width images. For my niche, there are image leaks for new handsets and readers come to see those images. What’s better than giving them a good view of those handsets?

This can vary from niche to niche, experiment and see what your readers like.

5) Home Page Optimization

Home page optimization was another point. Things which helped in this section was placing concise recent article from three categories after the slider.

Using the more tag to give readers a proper look of the post before giving read more button.

Putting purposeful data in siderbar, rather than just ads. There are lots of small modifications and this experiment is still going on.

Do you think these modifications are good enough to try, if you want to take sneak peek before trying then you can check at blogs4android.com.

What are your small modifications which has resulted in reduce bounce rate, share with us through comment section.