5 Core-Strategies for Improving your Writings as a Blogger

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As we all know that nowadays, Blogging is not an easy task. In the past few years, Blogging has grown eminently. Because of this growth in the Bloggers, it has become a difficult chore for the Newcomers to rank themselves up in the list. This only happens to those who don’t have quality content to Post. By quality content I mean (According to this Post) writing skills.

The Button You Need To Press

The Button You Need To Press

Perform Non-Stop Reading and Writing about Writing Skills

A very popular advice given by people to “Improve Writing Skills” is that “Keep on Reading Books” and “Daily write a One Page Article”. But I say, to improve your “Writing Skills as a Blogger” you should stress upon Reading and Writing about “Writing Skills”. This will give you a practice of Reading and Writing and you will get some Knowledge and Skills too.

Research about the content that you are going to post on your Blog

Mostly the things that most new bloggers post are already on the web. And if they are not, then something similar to it can be found. You have to find similar contents and take the Idea on how to write, what points to include, what should come first and what at the last. This will help you post something which will be automatically better than the posts that you saw, as you will take the good things of the posts and will leave the unwanted things.

Give your posts some eye catching headlines and significant images

Let’s suppose a Blogger is sharing a Tutorial. He just had just written instructions in his post and

another Blogger had given some snaps of the Tutorial too along with the written instructions. Whose post would you think would be better? Of course, of the Second Blogger. That’s why you need to add some attention-seeking headlines and pictures describing the written content.

Break your Posts in Short Paragraphs and Bullet Points

Avoid writing essays in your posts and make them short and if you are not able to do it then make them appear short. You can do this by breaking your posts into paragraphs and paragraphs into bullet points. For instance, first write a Heading, then give a four-line Introduction and then tell about it in Points. This will make your post look shorter.

Include Professional Synonyms for various Words in your Posts

Avoid writing the same type of words again and again in your posts. Try to study some synonyms to put in your posts. This method helps people to think that you are a Professional Blogger. This technique helps you a lot when you start getting more views. Adding more Professional Words to your posts will turn your viewers into followers.


From the above Strategies we come to know that…… to become a successful Blogger we need to enhance our Writing Skills by following the above strategies. We should ‘Practice Reading and Writing’, ‘Think and Research’ about what we are going to Post, Include ‘Appropriate Title, Headlines and Significant Images’, ‘Break the Post in Short Paragraphs and Points’ and should use ‘Professional Synonyms’.

Word of Author

“The better you’re writing, the more effective your blog will be, so keep writing”

I would love to hear your experiences while writing. Leave me your messages in the Comment Box. Show me some love, like my post. Follow me for more. The post is not limited for only me and you. Share it with others.



  1. Sahil Dhull says:



  2. Twitter:
    Nice write up mate. Having blessed with good grammer and rich vocabulary doesn’t mean you would be able to write a great article. For writing a better article you must have great knowledge about the topic, it must be well researched otherwise you won’t be able to write a good post. An attractive pattern of writing could also help in impressing others to go through your post. Anyways thanks for sharing these beautiful tips with us.
    alan recently posted..BBM for PC Download, BlackBerry Messenger for Windows7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  3. I am glad that I have read something that I am actually doing for the most part. The one thing I am not doing, and I think its a fantastic idea, is to read more. I actually used to read a heck of a lot of books, not anymore, and I think my writing style has suffered because of it.

  4. Twitter:
    How about writing stuff that isn’t so obvious a monkey would already know about it? It seems a lot of bloggers write at a third grade level and never say anything everyone doesn’t already know.
    Kirby Hopper recently posted..Rank India Another Scam SEO CompanyMy Profile

  5. Mentioning to reliable sources on the articles would be a big help to the readers.

  6. Twitter:
    I agree. Having personal knowledge of the subject matter does in fact help in writing better content. Fortunately for me, I have always excelled in English classes and writing has always come very easy to me. My blog is going on 5 months old but so far I like the direction I’m headed in.
    Dave recently posted..Student Loan Rehab ProgramMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Interesting wriote mate.

    Thanks for sharing this!
    Reginald recently posted..2013 Black Friday Sales And Cyber Monday DealsMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Yes i agree we should follow this to become a successful Blogger we need to enhance our Writing Skills by following the above strategies
    SAJID recently posted..Gmail Login – http://www.Gmail.com – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  9. The idea of doing more research is a good one. This way bloggers can offer more informative content by putting their own spin on unique, well thought out posts.

  10. Twitter:
    Interesting piece man. Going to bookmark this,will definately help me in writing good guest post.
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Deepak Singh recently posted..Justhost Review – Is Justhost Really Best Hosting Company?My Profile

  11. Twitter:
    A sad post
    This post is kind of sad. We live in an attention-driven economy where the content sometimes become less important than the visual appearance. It does not matter what you write about, but the way you write.

    The form rush
    As a result a kind of rush about the form started. The one who is able to create the best form, the most visually attractive form, wins and people read his (her) content.

    This forces people somehow to invest a lot of time and effort into graphical elements, psychological tricks that trigger attention, special techniques that generate powerful emotions, shocking elements (magnetic titles, striking pictures etc.), entertainment and so on. In doing so the content becomes second.

    Quality and effectiveness
    While this can be a good thing in niches like entertainment or travel, in the business and online marketing world, the effects are perverse and devastating. The gain from reading that content is in most cases low or even zero.

    When the main factor is form and visual appearance and attention-focused techniques, the quality of the content inevitable decreases.

    The same can be said about the effectiveness of the content. When you want to learn a technique that can really drive you traffic, conversions and money, it is very difficult to do so by reading blog posts. If 90% of a blog post is art and psychology and 10% practical, actionable, effective advice, your chances as a blogger to solve your problem are very, very low.

    What about your real problems?
    At the end of the day, those wonderful viral blog posts that drive so much attention do not solve your problems. The authors are more focused on the effort of driving attention than on the effort of teaching an effective marketing method.

    When you read a viral post, your mind is blown by the magnetic title and subtitles, your eyes pop out from their orbits because of those shocking pictures and you have a very good time reading the post (entertaining factor).

    Finally you are impressed, your soul is in turmoil because of the emotions but your professional, marketing level remains the same. You didn’t learn how to drive traffic, you didn’t learn how to make conversions, you didn’t learn how to make money, you didn’t learn how to be rich, you didn’t learn how to be free.

    When it comes to the only things that matter (money, freedom), you are left empty handed.

    Conclusion: The Blogosphere Today
    The most part of the content of the blogosphere is now focused :

    - not on how to make money but on how to talk about making money
    - not on how to be rich but on the dream to be rich
    - not on how to be free but on the dream to be free.

    This shift from action to talk, from reality to dream is what leads to failure, poverty and slavery.
    silviu recently posted..Blog Commenting Results. Case Study2My Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Yes good reading and writing skills help a lot when it comes to blogging because when you give out the best type of content it is sure to get you good and loyal readers on your blog and they tend to keep on coming back and telling others about your blog.
    emzyflamez recently posted..Apple iBeacon for enterprise mobilityMy Profile

  13. Timothy Torrents says:

    I actually have been working as a freelance writer and I love writing articles about improving writing skills because it is something that personally interests me and the research teaches me a thing or two. Most of the time when I discover something new or learn something new when it comes to writing skills I immediately share the information on my website.

  14. Twitter:
    It’s really important to know how to improve writing for us blogger that provide articles as the main content. This post is great shortcut to master this thing. To get started, headline selection is a bit crucial part then how we package the news would also be important.

    Great post
    Okto recently posted..Simple ways to improve your SEO through PinterestMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    That’s a very amazing post! :)
    I really enjoyed your post, these are awesome and gold tips to improve your writings as a blogger and provide better content for your readers that will help you generate more income from your blog. :)
    I think the best way to improve your writing is to reader and keep reading other famous bloggers posts and notice the way they use the language :)
    thanks for sharing and have a good day:)
    Anis recently posted..Accepting Women Fashion PostsMy Profile

  16. Yes, you are totally right, now days blogging is not easiest task to perform by anyone.

    It’ important to iprove your writing skills day by day to attract more peoples to read your blogs. Always writing heading much more interesting because most of peoples read article after reading a heading (title) of post.

    Before wiring on any topic we need to do lots of research on that to write in details and give a quality of content to out valuable readers. :) :)
    Nikhil Bille recently posted..Join Indian NavyMy Profile

  17. Twitter:
    Thank for these tips. I actually use some of theses tips on my current work.
    marc.donovan recently posted..What is dwm.exe Process? Error or Virus? Remove it from WindowsMy Profile

  18. Its true that Blogging is not a easy task . Bloggers are increasing day by day . According to a survey , Every 4th person in this world , have its blog . AS stated above , researching about the content is the most crucial task . When we have vast knowledge on the topic on which we are going to write then we can give great information to our readers .
    Also breaking the post in paragraphs makes the blog post easy to read . This helps in increasing readership quickly.
    Eye catching headlines and titles are very useful in getting traffic . Catchy headlines attract readers .
    Nice work ! Amazing Info

  19. Perfect explanation. Good content is must. However, eye catching article features are must for satisfying our visitors and retaining them. It is a thing which ComLuv also focuses on while allowing people to post at this site.
    Monu recently posted..How to be happy?My Profile

  20. Twitter:
    I think one more item which can be practiced if re-read the old posts. You realize a completely new trajectory you could have gone on… and in fact you can use that as the new post idea!
    Aathira recently posted..A good mobile test methodologyMy Profile

  21. Twitter:
    I agree with @Alan. Before writing any post you have to be a mentor on the topic and Google also loves it. Before i write any post i take a research and then take a pen and paper and write the important notes and later i type it on computer.

    You also mention some good points those i also follow. :)

    Thanks for your tips.
    Gautam Biswas recently posted..Hostgator reviews; how people are cheating you!My Profile

  22. Twitter:
    Brilliant tips! now I am feeling I have to give more importance on reading others. Reading is the basic for writing. I forgot about the basics. As a writer I cannot improve myself more until I take more care about reading. Thanks a lot.
    somon recently posted..Best youtube video downloader apps for androidMy Profile

  23. Twitter:
    Cool tips to become a successful blogger. How many maximum words could be used for an article to be a successful blogger ??
    Dilip Win recently posted..iphone 5 vs iphone 6My Profile

  24. Twitter:
    Usually i use most of this strategies to make good post, or at least think that i write quality posts. :)
    I mostly concentrate on researching the topic so when i write to be familiar with all aspect of the story. You can have best writing skills but if you doesn’t have good knowledge on the specific topic you can not write successful post. Also i pay attention on images in the post, they play maybe the most important role for visitors to read it and like the post.
    Tamara recently posted..10 Best Sites To Watch Free Movies Online | Without Downloading AnythingMy Profile

  25. Thanks mate for sharing these important tips with us. These tips really gonna help all the newbies. Writing is very important factor in blogging and for getting success in blogging we have to improve our writing. reading post really helps in improving writing.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

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