5 Best reasons why you should start blogging

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Sandeep Singh
Who is a technical blogger form India. Blogs on gadgets,technology,blogging and social media at TechfreakBlog
Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh
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I have been blogging for around a year now and have loved being a blogger at TECHFREAKBLOG. It is not only the joy of writing which is helping me to do what I am, but also the benefits that I have taken from it. I would like to share with you some of it and tell you guys why to start blogging.

Improve your writing

How often we grew up learning that “more you write,more you improve” ? simple concept but well implemented in blogging. The more you blog and write the better you will become as a writer.  In that way you will also improve your typing skills as well.

Improve your language

This is a continuation of what you will can gain by blogging. You will massively  improve your language, as you will read and write simultaneously. Spell checkers and other grammar check softwares will help you to be gramatically correct. This solves an important problem in becoming a perfect gentlemen.

Gain Knowledge


can be learnt till you do something. Blogging fits on it, will tell you why. When you blog  you actually read many books and other sites to develop your own content, so in a way you actually get to learn something which you don’t know.

Share knowledge to the needy

Blogging can also be compared to social service in a way. When you actually write up, you are expressing the knowledge you have.  Thousand’s of people google your content and benefit from it. Indirectly not only are you gaining but even helping others by doing so

Earn money

Now in a world where money matters the most , every one tries to earn it from what ever they do and the skills they have. When you have the talent to write and make people love what you write, then why shouldn’t you be rewarded with money for it? Blogging is such resource where you can earn money from your blog. There are many ways like Ads, sponsored reviews and all stuffs that you will learn when you get into it.

So are you willing to blog ? write on your views which will be surely appreciated !