Why The Wrong Kind Of SEO Is Hurting Your Online Network Marketing Business

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Mike Hemmins
If there was one thing I was good at whilst at school, it was writing, which I continue to enjoy to this day. Having left school, I found that I was quite good at business too. So, since the late 1990's I've been able to combine both passions, helping me to build numerous businesses online culminating in my latest project and challenge, that of helping others succeed in building their own online business empire. If you like what you see, drop by my website for a chat and let's see if I can't help you start or improve your own internet business...
Mike Hemmins
Mike Hemmins
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Online Network Marketing SEO Tips: Mike Hemmins

Have you been doing everything all the SEO gurus keep telling you to do to your website to ‘guarantee’ you get to page one on Google, but you’re still nowhere near page 20, let alone page one?

I’m sure you’ve spent hours, days and possibly months going through all the ‘best keywords’ and trying to weave the right amount into your posts so that you get to the optimum 5% density, because that’s how you have to do it to make sure you get the online traffic to showcase your Network Marking business right?

You know what? I really believe you’re doing too much, trying too hard and at the end of the day, getting bad advice…

Look, try to understand the process of online marketing. In short, you write content and hope that Google takes pity on you and places your site on page one. Tons of people see the content, click to your site, giving you masses of traffic, they buy your product or join your team and everyone’s happy

OK, I hear what you’re saying…”That’s what I’ve been doing, but I still can’t get on page one!”

First Things First: It’s Not Your Traffic – It’s Google’s…

You see, here’s the thing. Too many people (and I’m not saying you’re one of them) believe they have a right to receive traffic, because they generated it

Except they didn’t. Google generated it by being so good at what it does. Love or hate ‘Big G’, it still has the most relevant search results of any other engine, which is why everyone uses it

What that means is that any search return has to be as relevant as possible to the original query that gets plugged into Google. If Google understands what your site relates to and can see the structure of your site and can identify a post or article that relates to that query, then you have a great chance of getting a P1 slot

But that takes months and months doesn’t it?

center;">Find a Niche, Structure Your Site & Write Relevant Content For Humans…

Take a look at the image at the start of this article (logged out of Google and Private Browsing on Safari). Six returns at the top of page 2 (there is another on page 1 by the way). How long do you think I’ve been writing and developing that site?

Six months, 12 months…2 years???

Just under 2 months. That’s all. And I can assure you there are no ‘black hat’ SEO techniques involved in getting those articles in that position, and I certainly haven’t checked my keyword density!

So what’s the secret?

You need to tell Google what your site is all about. Narrow down your focus to a particular subject or niche and begin developing your site around that

Structure your site so that Google understands what’s important and relevant and what theĀ hierarchicalĀ setup is. Don’t worry if that all sounds complicated because there is a simple solution and that’s WordPress, which is behind the website you’re at right now

WordPress sets up your site with categories, tags, pages and posts all set up for Google to understand

Help Google even more by setting up an account at its’ Webmaster Tools site and upload your Sitemap to it. You can use WordPress to do this for you once you’ve set up your account. Who said this SEO stuff was hard?!

But most importantly of all…write understandable, original and relevant content at least once a day. Believe me, gone are the days when you could stuff your meta tags with hundreds of keywords to get a jump on others not so savvy on ‘alternate SEO methods’

Gone too are the days of joining a link farm and hoping that 2,000 irrelevant back inks is going to do it for you. Just remember that Google employs thousands of the smartest people on earth to develop algorithms that can (and will) seek out tosh and punish the site deploying it. You may think you can beat it, but you never will

Write the best, most relevant and original content you can and get people to comment and share it. That’s how you’re going to grown your network marketing business online, just like I have done

It’s not hard. Success does take motivation and dedication, but don’t over-complicate things. You can do it…

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