Website Monetization Basics – When to Monetize?

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Mitz Pantic
My name is Milica Pantic (aka Mitz) and I am a serial full-time blogger. I started out with one website many years ago and it went so well, I sold my businesses and began living the internet dream. Since then I have been perfecting the system of blogging and building Wordpress websites to earn money online. This is an ever changing business and I love the challenge. Please feel free to download my favorite FREE REPORTS if you are interested in improving your blogging business or starting one from scratch.
Mitz Pantic
Mitz Pantic
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If you’re thinking of monetizing your blog or website then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind ranging from your options to different ideas that you can use to help you get profit on your site.

Consider Your Options

Firstly, the range of different options available need to be understood. One of them can be Affiliate Marketing, where you are paid not only if people visiting your website decide to view the ads but also when they decide to buy something from that website which has placed an advertisement. Another one might be Donations, where you can mention on your website how you’re willing to accept them if anyone is willing to help out – although this doesn’t have a high success rate if your website isn’t that popular, but there’s no harm in trying of course.

Some companies only pay however if people on your website click on the advertisements, and this can be comparatively less profitable. Another option includes selling your content. If it is well written and the information provided reliable, there is a high chance that you are going to profit from it. Paid reviews are another great way to earn money, where you are paid to write reviews about different products from different websites.

You Need Traffic

Secondly, it is important to keep in mind that your website needs to generate traffic at first, for it to make money. And this is only possible if the content available on your website is well written and easily accessible. People should want to read what is on the website at first, for them to later click on ads.

While content matters a great deal, entirely covering your website with advertisements is one thing which will not work in your favor. Monetizing your website is a long and slow process

which requires your commitment.

It is important that you realize that placing a huge number of advertisements will not necessarily help you make a profit, and on the other hand it might drive people away because of the advertisements which make it difficult to access the content on your website, for which they were there in the first place.

When to Monetize a Website

It would definitely be prudent to wait for your website to reach a certain number of clicks every day which will establish how popular it is and how many times it is accessed daily and then place advertisements. This process gives you a higher chance of earning more, as opposed to placing advertisements when your website does not generate that much traffic.[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”1118199553″ locale=”us” height=”250″ src=”” width=”165″]

But on the other hand, subtle monetization from the start can save you a lot of time later. There is actually no rule as to how much traffic you need to make money from a website and you should never come to any fast conclusions without solid proof first.

Also how will you learn what sells on your site if you hold off on monetization?

Monetizing more of your website comes in later, when you know what types of advertising and products go well. Following a website advertising checklist (following the rules) and gathering website experience always equals more earnings.

Lastly, all these methods might work but it is important to keep in mind that monetizing your website is not an easy job, and requires your time – for example updating your website every now and then to make sure the information is not outdated. As mentioned above, people need to visit the website and like the content on it, for it to be successful in the first place.