Want to be a blogger? 4 free blogging sites & 4 blogging tips

Ivan Dimitrijevic
Ivan Dimitrijevic is a seasoned blogger and SEO consultant with years of experience. His skill sets include Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and blogging on a wide variety of topics. He is a digital marketing & business consultant and has had many articles published on serious blogs over the years on topics ranging from Digital Marketing, Tech and Online Business to Home & Family, Health & Wellness and Architecture, Real Estate & Design.
Ivan Dimitrijevic
Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Blogging and SEO
Blogging has gone from a pastime to a highly paid job and everything else in between in just about a decade. The evolution of this career choice was astonishing and it is still ongoing. All the stages of this evolution are still present as well. For example, we still have hobbyist bloggers who run blogs just for fun. On the other hand, we also have people who blog part-time for a bit of cash on the side (including blogging for SEO purposes) and people who are highly paid professional bloggers.
What amazes me is that there are still a lot of people out there who virtually know nothing or nearly nothing about bloggers, blogs and have no idea about the culture that is developing around it but more and more people are starting to give notice.
If you want to set up a blog and try out your writing skills, but are still new to the whole thing, I’m going to give you a few general tips related to how to set up a blog and a few more about the whole being a blogger thing.

How to set up a blog

These days, this is a fairly simple process. There are a lot of ways you can go to set up a blog in a ridiculously short amount of time.

  • WordPress

Of course, I have to start with the reigning champion of blogging platforms. WordPress is pretty easy to learn and you can use WorPress.com to get your own free subdomain with a couple of important features included. They also offer you a wide choice of different free templates and an option to go premium, if you want to take things to a more serious level.


  • Blogger

Blogger.com is the most popular blogging platform with beginner bloggers since it is the easiest one to set up. It also offers you some freedom when it comes to customizing the look of your blog, but falls short compared to the beauty WordPress templates have. One of the things I admire is the fact that you are not asked for any money when you want to go for a custom domain.blogger

  • Tumblr.

Tumblr. is a micro-blogging platform that is stacked with features that allow you to do audio blogging, tackle lot of

themes and more. It can be used to network both your Facebook and Twitter account so you can manage them with more ease. All in all, Tumbler. is a viable choice.tumblr

  • IM Creator

IM Creator is a drag and drop based online website creator anybody can use to create the website they think they need. You don’t need any programing skills to use it and it offers almost anything you might ever need. This is probably the choice that gives you the most freedom when it comes to modifying the look of your blog.imcreator

Tips for first timers

The things that make a brilliant blogger are not really defined and not all people would agree on all of them but there are few general things you need to know and strive to apply so you can gain the right to call yourself a decent blogger.

Time management

To some extent, blogs are like newspaper. We get used to them and they become part of a routine. As a blogger, you need to respect you readers enough to give them a new post at the time you usually do. The number of posts you are going to publish within a month depends on how much time you have but you have to set up a pace that you can always abide by.

Content Management

You won’t always be inspired to write but when you are, write as much as you can. From time to time, you won’t have the slightest idea what to write about and instead of pushing yourself and posting substandard content, you will have something stacked and you can use it to get some breathing space and a chance to fill your batteries.

Fan management

When you actually get your first fans, you will without a doubt answer every post and question from your users but you have to be aware that interaction with the readers is a regular part of blogging. You can’t answer them all but you can give the courtesy of answering valid and interesting questions or even praising a conclusion someone has drawn from you post. All in all, this interaction is a must, since blogging is a two-way street.

Spam Management

Bots, people, trolls and all kinds of internet creatures will siege your blog. You need to find ways to protect yourself before they suffocate your blog and drain the life out of you.
These are the basics, all you need now is a good idea and you are on your way. As far as the more complex things are concerned, you’ll learn them along the way.

Happy writing!


  1. Twitter:
    Hi Ivan,

    WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr are best platform to start your blog. Starting your blog is really easy but managing them is really tough. I mean you should have proper time management so you can do all important task for your blog and make it a good place for your targeted audience.
    Pankaj recently posted..Single Sim Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    That’s a powerful post with powerful tips! :)
    thanks for sharing with us this awesome post have a good day ahead :D
    Anis recently posted..5 Unbelievable IPhone FactsMy Profile

  3. Hello Ivan,
    All the mention blogging Platforms are one of the best free blogging sites, but more over i preffer WordPress and blogger over any other platform.

    Time, content,Fan and spam you have cover all of the details in such a small post… its like the 4 most basic pillars of blogging..

    At last nice write Ivan, over to you…

  4. Twitter:
    WorPress (.org) is wonderful but WorPress.com has many limitations.
    Blogger.com is better for free users (more than WorPress.com).
    IM Creator is new for me. I didn’t know anything about it.

    Thanks Ivan for sharing tips with us.
    Shoukot recently posted..Top High Paying & Reliable Adsense AlternativesMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    Hello Ivan Dimitrijevic,
    I found many bloggers who are using these platforms and enjoys the complete blogging tools. I am interested in blogging and I will start soon to make money and to share precious information among people.

  6. Twitter:
    I think for a new user it is better to start a blog with wordpress rather than blogger. WordPress is one of the best blogging sites because of its fast, hassle-free sign-up process. Much like Blogger, a new user can be blogging within a matter of minutes, with many beautiful themes to choose from.

    However, tumblr has suffered through lengthy downtimes and is often overcapacity, which can take it off the list of best blogging sites for some people.
    Worli recently posted..Looking at The Future Of SEOMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Hi Ivan,

    That’s an excellent post for anyone who is a beginner and wondering how and where to start. Tubmlr is excellent for anyone who wants to spread the word without having to worry about anything technical.
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..How You Can Generate Organic Traffic Using ScribdMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    I would say that it is a nice post :)

    A person who wanna get into blogging can utilize these CMS system.

    According to me WordPress is amazing and plugins are doing magic here. I was on blogger.com, it was also good but need some manual alterations in coding.

    I know about Tumblr and unaware of IM creator, thanks for sharing this beneficial post.
    Nirmala recently posted..Expert’s Tips – Ajith Prasad From Dollarshower.comMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Blogger is my favorite place to create a blog, but when you want to go professional, then you will need to upgrade to wordpress.

    Both of them are easy to manage, when it comes to content and wordpress on the other hand is SEO optimize compare to blogger. (or so i think)
    Frank Joseph recently posted..Journey to $200 a month using Amazon and Adsense (Update 1)My Profile

  10. Twitter:
    Nice post.
    Blogger is my favorite free blogging platform because Its a Google Service and Google Index post very fast in compare to other free blogging platform.

    I am not aware about IM Creator.

    blog.com is another good WordPress based free blogging platform
    Swarup recently posted..10 Best Barcode Label SoftwareMy Profile

  11. Twitter:

    Just a few years back, what you shared here would have confused the hell out of me…how time flies! If you ask me, choosing a CMS and a good spam management system are very critical to any blogger’s success and should indeed be considered as ‘basic’.

    Aside that, blog security and hosting though not mentioned by you, are very basic and indeed damn important for those starting out. It’s great to get such things right to ensure peace of mind and success later on.

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..TREATING YOUR BLOG AS A BUSINESS: 6 IMPORTANT TIPSMy Profile

  12. This is a great post for beginners. I love wordpress as it offers so much flexibility and generally very easy to seo

  13. Twitter:
    Under time management you are so right; set up a pace and stick with it so that your readers know what to expect. And under spam management, I will say the CommentLuv has really helped a lot.
    Robert Fowler recently posted..Beware Reverse Mortgage RisksMy Profile

  14. Twitter:
    My Vote goes to WordPress.
    It is amazing CMS( Content Management System) .
    SEO Friendly
    Easy to Use
    Plugins etc are main features for WordPress
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted..10 important tips for Your Motorola Moto GMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    WordPress is Best one to Use But Personally I Love Blogger because when I started Blogging i haven’t had to Pay Anything and Now I Love using their Professional features.
    No Doubt WordPress has More Flexibility but these days with so many gadgets Blogger can also Offer Same Quality of Flexibility.
    Atinder recently posted..Backup Feedburner Email List to Become Smart BloggerMy Profile

  16. In my opinion WordPress is best. It is very easy and user friendly. One could customize his site as he want.
    Rajat Prasun Sati recently posted..Funny Holi Wishes | Funny Holi message | Funny Holi SMS | Funny Holi WallpapersMy Profile

  17. Twitter:
    Hey Ivan,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. This post really gonna help all the newbies. Yes, WordPress is the best to set up a blog as it is very easy to learn it. The first two tip is really very important. Time management and content management plays crucial roles.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 20000My Profile

  18. Twitter:
    Hello Ivan
    Another great article. I used WP and blogger but never used the last two. These are really new to me. By the way nice article.
    Mahendra recently posted..Aakash 4 specifications and price detailsMy Profile

  19. Twitter:
    I totally agree with you Blogger is the most popular blogging site. Mainly for two reasons – popularity and Free. It’s been around longer than just about any other blogging site, so users are extremely familiar with it. Second, it’s totally free and simple to use. Since Google bought Blogger service some years ago, the features it offers to users have continued to develop. I have some blogger site and I am really happy with this free service.
    somon recently posted..Cut the rope 2 for PC or Windows 8 7 XP computerMy Profile

  20. Thanks for this. I defiantly need to follow some time management tips and start releasing posts on a schedule.
    Adam recently posted..High PR CommentLuv Dofollow Blogs ListMy Profile

  21. Twitter:
    WordPress is the best as it is very easy to understand it’s functionality. Time management is a important step, give enough time to every aspects of your blog and see the difference.
    Noor Basheer recently posted..Hostgator Vs iPageMy Profile

  22. Twitter:
    WordPress is a great platform to choose for first time blogger. It is very simple to use and comes with a huge power of plugins for literally anything. I also find SEO management also very easy with wp.
    Arun Chandran recently posted..KeekMy Profile

  23. I think for a new user it is better to start a blog with wordpress rather than blogger. WordPress is one of the best blogging sites because of its fast, hassle-free sign-up process. Much like Blogger, a new user can be blogging within a matter of minutes, with many beautiful themes to choose from. Tumblr is best of all
    lalina recently posted..Gmail Login – http://www.gmail.com – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

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