Why Dads Should Blog: 6 Reasons Why Stay at Home Dads Should Blog

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Fabrizio Van Marciano
Fabrizio Van Marciano is a proud dad by day, and an avid blogger by night. He started his blogging journey in 2010 and loves to share tips, strategies and his personal insights into blogging! You can visit Fabrizio's blog at www.onlineincomejournal.net and connect with him on Google+.
Fabrizio Van Marciano
Fabrizio Van Marciano
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why dads should blog

This post explores six reasons why dads should blog – These days the traditional routine of the man goes to work and mum stays at home to look after the kids have been completely reversed. It has been for many, many years now of course, these days’ dads can get to take on the roll of house husband and mums goes off to work”¦

Being a stay at home dad can affect your life in many ways, although you can keep yourself busy, you can easily loose touch with your social life, spending time with friends, work colleagues and for some missing the challenges of working life and being able to provide.

So if you’re a stay at home dad for any reason what so ever, do not despair, you have the world at your feet and probably don’t realise it”¦ here are 6 reasons why dads should blog.

6 Reasons Why Dads Should Blog

You have all the time in the world at your disposal…

This a fantastic reason as to why dads should blog. Ok maybe they don’t have all the time in the world, but dads do have a considerable amount of time on their hands, so devoting a few hours each day to blogging shouldn’t be a problem. As a dad you can schedule the hours you spend working on your blog around the duties of being a stay at home dad.

You can learn something completely new…

Another reason why dads should blog is because it’s a unique opportunity to learn something completely new. If you’re already passionate about a particular topic, blogging is the best way to rant about that topic. Not only rant but to learn more about that topic and share your own thoughts, experiences

and knowledge about that topic.

You can build an online community…

Staying at home can turn you into a real hermit crab, whether you’re a dad or not”¦ and I’m talking from experience here. So what better way to engage with other like minded individuals than to build a community with your blog?

People flock to blogs for several reasons –

  • To learn
  • To engage
  • To share

You get to voice your thoughts”¦

The 4th reason why dads should blog is”¦ Blogging is not just about sharing your thoughts and ideas about a topic; it is also about voicing your opinions and personal feelings about absolutely anything you want.

Blogging gives you the freedom of speech in many forms, the freedom to share personal thoughts and beliefs with other like minded people on the internet. And they too can do the same with you.

You get to set yourself a new challenge…

I personally love new challenges, and if you’re looking for a challenge, with potentially huge rewards up for grabs, then this is another reason why dads should blog. Blogging allows you be expand your creativity and engage in new tactics and challenges. It really does help to develop personal skills.

You get to make money online…

Last but not least as to why dads should blog is, you get to make money online from your blog. Of course this isn’t something that is easily achieved by all means, but it certainly has its perks right?

And there are unlimited ways to make money from blogging, but of course that’s another topic entirely.

So if you’re a stay at home dad and have been reading this post out of pure interest, I hope that these are some valid reasons as to why you should start at blog, enjoy.