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James Martell
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James Martell
James Martell
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If you’ve been at this Internet marketing business for a while you may very well be sitting on a library of content that you can repurpose to drive significant traffic and obtain new, quality backlinks. Of course more traffic and new backlinks most likely will result in more conversions and if that’s of interest to you then you have to keep reading.

The technique I’m about to explain may sound like article marketing but it’s not. In fact those of you who know me already are aware of my opinion of article marketing as it is “sold” today and know that my advice is to stay away from it like the plague. Low quality articles submitted to low quality sites is a formula for failure and I’m stunned that people are still saying that it works.

What I’m talking about is a way to repurpose existing content that allows you to reach new audiences, potential new customers and increase your credibility with Google and it works no matter what kind of product or service you’re promoting be it learning to play the piano, computer repair, or mountain bikes.

Getting a bigger benefit from your knowledge

You probably already know the answer to this but if you don’t check your Google Analytics to get the answer. What has been the most popular page on your site over the past year? When I say popular I’m talking number of unique visits, time on page and low bounce rate.

Now do you remember how long it took you to create it?

If you’re like most people you probably spent three times the amount of time researching the topic and outlining the article than you did to actually write it. That ratio changes as you gain more and more experience in your topic but you will always have a time cost associated with researching and planning content.

And what do you get for that investment in time; a single, well written, informative article that does your site proud.

But what if you could take that investment in research time and repurpose the content so you have five or ten articles either on your site, or better yet, published on another quality site with anchor text pointing back to you?

Let me share a quick story with you.

Abracadabra – from one to many

Earlier I mentioned my negative opinion of article marketing. Actually that became something of a crusade for me because I feel so passionate about the many new marketers who are being led down the wrong path by companies and individuals selling software, courses and how to books promoting the practice. I decided to write an in depth article describing all the

reasons that marketers should avoid this technique.

I spent about three hours organizing my thoughts, gathering data, pulling statistics, finding quotes from Google and drawing on my own experience. I laid out a detailed outline of over 3,700 words.

From that comprehensive outline I wrote two pieces of content. One was roughly 3,700 words the other was a over 1,900. Both the articles were about avoiding article marketing but they had different angles so they were not duplicate content. I posted these articles on two highly regarded sites, this one; and, that accept guest content.

The net result has been a significant amount of exposure to my site and an increase in brand awareness thanks to the many retweets the articles received. The articles attracted the attention of the popular AffiliateABCs podcast and I was invited to be interviewed on the show. That show was a success and was picked up for rebroadcast by

So now I had two articles and two podcasts but I wasn’t done. I hired a freelance writer to again use the detailed outline that I had originally created to come up with a different angle for 3 additional articles. This resulted in 3 unique articles which I then posted on 3 other sites that accepted guest content. In addition I got permission from AffiliateABCs to rebroadcast the interview on my Coffee Talk podcast.

At the end of the day my 3 hours spent developing a detailed outline for a single story resulted in 5 uniquely repurposed pieces of content and three podcasts.

Squeeze out the value of your best content

You’ve put in a lot of time and effort creating your best content, why not repurpose it and get even more out of it. Remember this isn’t spinning, it’s original content and it’s not being sent out to low rank, no rank article farms for publication but rather to sites with a PR3 or better.

For those of you that might be comparing this SEO technique to article marketing just remember this. A single backlink from a PR3 site is worth 1,000 links from a low value PR0 content farm. Not only that, but today your site could be penalized for being linked to no value sites.

Repurpose content takes a little work but the benefits you’ll see on your site, whatever it’s about be it camping gear, learning music theory, auto insurance quotes or miter saws are well worth the effort.