How to turn off Feedburner redirects

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Info panel not showing your information


If you see the above picture on your heart info link then it will be because you are using Feedburner to display your feed and you have item click tracking enabled. What this does is replace the links that point to your posts within your feed and instead, point them to Feedburners own site so they can track how many clicks you get on your feeds post titles.

The problem with this is, even though they say it doesn’t affect your Google juice, it will not associate your title keywords with the URL that the link forwards to unless the link is followed. It also has the disadvantage of making your luvlinks look just like most other feedburner links. If the ComLuv API can’t recognize your link then it can’t send back all the lovely info you typed into your profile.


Switch off item click tracking…

1. Visit and login to your account.
2. Choose the feed you want

to change the settings on.
3. Click “configure stats”
4. Deselect the checkbox marked “Item link clicks”
5. Click “Save”

That’s it, you’ve configured your Feedburner feed to not forward your feed links and instead, point them direct to your site so you can have an awesome info panel like this one.


  1. Twitter:
    Thanks it fixed my problem on comment luv. While commenting on comment luv enabled blogs it was showing some redirect errors thanks dude this helped to fix the error.Feed burner is always causing mess to me.I also read that feed burner steals your links from other site.

  2. Twitter:
    It Showing Some Redirect errors While Commenting But Fixed it.
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