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CommentLuv for WordPress 2.92 and above

Here it is!, the new version of Commentluv! it’s compatible with WordPress 3.0 (and needs at least version 2.92)

New features :
* WordPress 3.0 Compatible
* Use comments meta table instead of hard coding into the comment content
* Drastically improved commmunication with API for comment status changes
* Near 100% accuracy for API to identify members links for info panel
* New heart icon for registered members. Improves hover rates.

Beta testing final stage

Thanks to those few who have installed it on their blogs, there has been so little communication that I can only assume it’s working fine! :)

This is the final step before I release it to the official download repository on and I need you to install it if you have a self hosted WordPress installation of at lest 2.9.2 (that should be most of you). It’s easy peasy to install!


  1. download the file by clicking the image above and extract the CommentLuv folder.
  2. Upload the whole folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory (overwriting your existing one if you have it)
  3. Visit the settings page to make sure all your settings are correct.

It’s as easy as that…

Better Behaviour

The last blog post links are no longer hard coded to the comment text but instead, saved to the new comment meta table. This will

clean things up quite a bit and I hope it will make it compatible with more themes and other plugins.

The update to comluv when you take action on a comment is also massively improved so whenever you trash, spam or delete a comment the plugin will tell my server and when I see a lot of one members comments getting trashed then I’ll know I need to release the hounds!

New Functionality

This new version adds a ‘Remove Luv’ action link to your edit comments admin page (and to the edit comments on a post edit screen), just click the link and the meta data will be wiped from your database. Only comments that successfully received some luv should save data to the meta table.

Once the luv is gone, it’s gone. There is no recovery!

You will be able to tell by looking at the last blog post link if they’re a member of by the little plus on their heart info icon.

This way, if you see a registered member being evil with their comments or taking advantage of your luvving nature then you can let me know their URL and I can take action.

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