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Changed the support ticket system and time for content!

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I have put a new support ticket system in place on the main page under Support, hopefully this will work a lot better than the support plugin that puts tickets in the dashboard and it’ll help me to build a knowledge base from tickets that are submitted. Feel free to use it to submit requests for plugins or features for the site.

I have got to almost 90% of the backend code for registering urls, confirming luvlinks and getting the database ready for a categorized top commentluv bloglists so now I can start putting up the tutorial texts and videos as well as implement the money making widgets and plugins that ComLuv members will be able to use to generate a little bit of extra money from the posts they create.

I’m really pleased to be almost looking back at the ginormous task that was the rewrite of the API and design of the new theme! I don’t think I’ve worked this hard on anything ever before in my life. I had an almost anti-climatic end to it after my filmed interview with UKFast. I was so relieved to have gotten the new theme up in time for the interview and to be at the stage where I could start creating the content again that I hit a wall (mental one) and it took 3 hours of crap tv to drive me back here to my seat infront of my dual monitor, quad core, multi mb/gig/terabyte trio of loveliness (broadband: 20MB, RAM: 6GB, HDD: 2TB) .

I made it though, I’m right here and tomorrow I buy a new notebook to complement the new system I have for managing todo lists (more about that in another post).

Please take a look around the site and use the features like registering your url and adding a site description to it with category and keywords and let me know if you experience any problems by using the new support ticket system.



  1. I was so relieved to have gotten the new theme up in time for the interview and to be at the stage where I could start creating the content again that I hit a wall (mental one)

    I hate it when that happens. I generally retreat to my room with a nice hot bowl of soup and a book but in the back of my mind, I realize….Jeepers, the work I need to do ain’t going away simply because I’m not doing it!!

    Kudos on your achievements so far.
    .-= Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach´s last blog ..#1 way to make money online with CommentLuv longterm – Part 2 =-.

  2. Hesham

    It’s really great what you are doing here Andy!
    keep up with the good work!
    .-= Hesham´s last blog ..Zebida Weekly Tweets 2009-07-22 =-.

  3. This is what I have been looking for. Thanks
    .-= BunnygotBlog´s last blog ..Wislawa Szymborska, Nobel Prize Laureate & Poet =-.

  4. BK says:

    Yes, I agree with the lady and guy that you have done wonderful things so far. Comment Luv makes blogging fun and enjoyable. I have just submitted a support ticket and it appeared to work fine.

  5. VoOThemes says:

    Something really interesting whoooo M developing blogger themes and hope to use your system on those
    .-= VoOThemes´s last blog ..VoO Girly Nature Blogger Template WordPress Conversion =-.

  6. diederik says:

    Hi Andy! First of all my compliments for your great invention! I discovered a bug in the search engine: when I search, and example on page 5 I click on a result and when finished in that blog I click the back button. Then it goes back to the very first search page instead of going back to search page 5. This is very unhandy. I am using Mozilla Firefox 3.0 browser. Can you pls repair this? Thanks for your time!
    diederik recently posted..News-Inexpensive web hosting and design in IdahoMy Profile

    • Andy Bailey

      unfortunately, this is a limitation of the google search engine that i use.
      the best way is to middle click your mouse on the links so they open in a new tab or use ctrl + click to do the same thing.

  7. diederik says:

    Thanks Andy for the prompt reply. I found the best way: right click mouse and open in new window. One more question: in my account it says I can post, but I cannot. May I know the reason pls?
    diederik recently posted..Inexpensive web hostingMy Profile

  8. dyderik says:

    Hi Andy how can I become a contributer? Thanks!
    dyderik recently posted..Moving or repairing your grandfather clockMy Profile

  9. Andy can you tell me how I can start writing posts for you? Am a good article writer. My topics/hobbies are grandfather clocks and SEO. Thanks
    Howard Miller recently posted..Moving or repairing your grandfather clockMy Profile

  10. Andy I love the CommentLuv plugin. I just wish it would show up on ALL pages and not just POSTS. Am I the only one with this issue? I have 20 blogs and wanted to put this on them all. The issue is I have lots of pages that accept comments and I obviously want people to be able to benefit from CommentLuv and encourage them to post comments on the PAGES as well as the POSTS.
    Britt Phillips recently posted..Complete 53 Volume Subliminal Library Special OfferMy Profile

  11. I can’t figure out why I am not getting my last post to show. My feed works and I have entered the blog url correctly. I get ‘No last blog post to return’ but I simply can’t see what I have done wrong.

    I couldn’t find how to get to your ticketing system. The support tab brought me here.

    • Andy Bailey

      you need to log in and see the link at the top left for submitting a support ticket. please do that and make sure you leave the relevant urls for where you’re seeing the problem and what url you’re trying to comment with.

  12. I wish I could submit a support ticket, but my site has been suspended and I can’t figure out how to contact you to rectify that situation. I noticed a few days ago that my feeds were having an issue – turned out after updating some of my plugins at WordPress, they were messing with my feeds, so I’ve since disabled them, fixing my feeds. But now I can’t seem to get my site ‘unbaned’ as it’s been suspended. HELP! :) And Happy New Year! :)

  13. Trisha says:

    Hi Andy – hoping you can help…..apparently I must need an older version of ComLuv since in the last couple of days I’m seeing a message saying that the version I’ve had is no longer supporting the WordPress version I use, and I’m not ready to upgrade WordPress. Unfortunately this error is also preventing ANY comments from being posted, so for now I’ve removed the plugin. I also could not find a way to contact you – there’s no contact form or method on your site.


    • Andy Bailey

      hi trisha, there is no version that will work with wp 2.8.4, you should upgraded your wordpress before considering installing more plugins because that version has serious vulnerabilities and now everyone that reads your comment knows that you have an insecure wordpress.

      FYI.. You can contact me in the dashboard by submitting a support ticket, under ‘support’ or find the link on the page marked ‘help desk’

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