How To Embed a Google Calendar on Your Blog

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Ileane Smith
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Ileane Smith
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Embed a Google Calendar

I saw a question on Twitter the other day and turns out it was from someone I met a Twitter awhile back. @MediaCastGuy saw me tweeting about problems I was having with my mic and he quickly came to my aid. We chatted on Skye and he told me just where I was going wrong. That’s the kind of advice people pay good money for, so when I saw this tweet from him I felt compelled to help. Here was his question:

What is the secret to embedding a Google Calendar like [OneChicMama]? Lots of people do it.

What’s so Cool about the Google Calendar

I clicked on the link he provided to see what he was referring to and I must admit, I was impressed. My first thought was, how I just love the way Google gives us these handy little tools. Google has so many free apps, I barely get time to explore them all.

OneChicMama's Google Calendar

You can get real creative with some Google apps and the calendar is no exception. I like how One Chic Mama uses her calendar to list upcoming events with catchy titles that are bound to get her visitor’s attention. After all, who wouldn’t

want to attend a “Platinum Mastermind Retreat”? Very intriguing keywords to say the least.

So, that left me with huge flaw in my little plan to save the day for @MediaCastGuy. I had no idea how to even create a Google Calendar in the first place!

Turns out it’s super easy, take a look at this screencast I recorded called:

Embed a Google Calendar on Your Blog


Once you create the Google Calendar be sure to select the “Agenda” view like I did on the sidebar of Basic Podcasting Tips. The other choices are daily, weekly and monthly. Check out these ideas I have for how you can use the finished product:

  • Promote upcoming blog post titles
  • Announce the stages leading up to an ebook or product launch
  • Share the recording schedule for your audio or video podcast
  • Report on the local 10-day weather forecast
  • Display the schedule of upcoming webinars or training sessions
  • Remind contestants and blog readers of pending contest deadlines

Add Google Calendar to Your Facebook Page too!

I noticed right away that the HTML code for the calendar is an IFrame which means you can add the calendar to your Facebook Page too. I tried it out with a free IFrame app and it works perfectly adding it as a tab on your Page. It’s a neat feature that’s sure to be a conversation starter and increase engagement with your Facebook fans.

Can you think of some other ways to use the Google Calendar on your blog, website or Facebook page?