How to do business on Facebook

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Business on Facebook

Facebook is one of the top social media sites today. It helps us to get connected with friends and helps us to promote our stuff. However Facebook is not only confined to finding new friends, flirting, dating, fighting, sharing photos etc. On the other hand it has become a platform which initiates business, advertising and good relation with the customers. So let’s do some business on Facebook, shall we?

Use the mob

Facebook has become part of our daily activity. Facebook accounts can be personal or professional (business). It offers diverse applications that can be used both for personal enjoyment and business purposes. If you have set up your personal Facebook account, you can use it for business as well. However, it is not recommended that you use the same Facebook account for your personal and business use.

It will be easier for people to see you and your products if you display them on your Facebook profile. Thus you can conquer new avenues, and venture into small business using this social networking site. Since Facebook has millions of users around the world you have an excellent chance to win numerous potential customers.

Make your brand public

You could make your brand or products public easily using your personal or business Facebook profile. All it needs is some picture of your products, software or promotional updates about your blog or website. When you upload photos you could use an important feature- tagging photos among friends. On the same page you could give details on how to order, pay and receive the items if they decide to purchase the item.

Face book is very user friendly and that fact makes it all quite easy. You therefore need to realize that this social networking site can actually be utilized as an efficient business tool without much of hassle.

Aside from the fact that it has become more convenient for buyers to do online shopping, you can haggle with the price set by the seller as well. Nothing beats like shopping at the comfort of your own home while waiting for your crops to harvest. You give that comfort to your customers on Facebook.

your business

You can see literally thousands of small businesses sprouting on Facebook just like mushrooms. It creates an opportunity for small entrepreneurs to introduce their products using Facebook. It has become their test of water before plunging into a bigger venture, thus has become an avenue for potential world market. Facebook advertising is something quite expensive if you are strict about your pocket. But still, if you decide to try it out, you can multiply your business return rates by 10 compared to using free updates and photos on Facebook.

Free or paid, once you set up to promote your business on Facebook, you can ask your friends and clients to help you in your business by sharing the information to their friends. The exposure you get in this way is simply damn super. This will give your business a wider market. You will be able to cater to people of different ages, cultures and even nationalities.

Even the biggest names in business found this opportunity quite enterprising and expected good results. They use Facebook to advertise their company, their products and their latest promos as well. A Facebook account user needs to become a fan of a specific advertisement in order to gain full access of the account. And the good thing about this one is the friends of those who have access to your site will be able to see it as well. So if you get a good number of people to “Like” your service, you are great to go.


Facebook offers a lot of potential for businesses to grow. However, do mind that your profile must be interesting. Don’t just post your own updates or promote only your products. You need to give in order to receive. Make sure you give some “Likes” and share other people’s content too. They will notice you and share yours as well. Remember, Facebook is where millions of people assemble. So you really need to shout about your business there. Now go and shout!

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