Google Panda-The Update: Bye-bye Low-Quality Links!

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Google Panda
Google pretty much controls the future of your website. Although it may be tough to swallow for some, Google is in full support of expertly written, original and informational articles. They are 100% committed to getting rid of poor quality, low-grade or duplicated articles.

PLR is one route websites take to buy cheap content and fill their pages. It didn’t really matter the quality of the content because a link to their site was at the bottom and they believed this would bring visitors to their site.

Well that may have worked in the past but it won’t anymore because Google said so! Google has taken a stand and decided that ‘cheap and repetitious’ isn’t good for anybody. They made their lesson loud and clear with Google’s Panda Update.

So What Exactly Is PLR?

Well PLR really means ‘private label rights.’ Essentially this is work that is available for anybody to buy and post to their site. It’s quick, repetitious filler that may look pretty but looks really are deceiving in most cases.

The Bonuses

The bonus of PLR is that you can get massive amounts of ‘filler’ for a cheap price. You can fill up your website and save money doing so with PLR. It’s also fast, in that your site can be up and running in no time because you don’t need to allot any time to have the content for your site written.

The Demotions

The main problem is that your site will not be unique and chances are pretty good that another site is going to have the exact same information you have. As well, most of the PLR you buy is low-grade crap. That’s right, you really do get what you pay for!

Another negative is that Google is definitely not fancying PLR right now. And what Google doesn’t like, they get rid of. So do yourself a favor and stay ahead of the game. Figure out how you’re going to handle things without PLR. Do it before it’s too late!


A way around this pretty big barricade is to tweak your articles. Use them as a focus but change just enough to make it original or unique. It doesn’t take a lot of extra time and trust me when I say; it will make you stand out. This route will save you money and be almost as affective as paying someone to write your content from scratch.

What These Massive Alterations Mean For PLR

As predicted by the wisest of Internet world, Google instigated a huge update to its algorithms in March 2011. In order to remain on top of things, Google needs to regularly perform tweaks, so that people can find higher quality content during their searches. This fact alone is the sole reason Google is number one hands down.

This gigantic update in March 2011 was absolutely huge. The techies nicknamed it ‘panda’ and ‘farmer.’ The ‘farmer’ part makes sense because they were targeting ‘article farms’ that were distributing unoriginal content in mass numbers to various sites. This is inclusive of large article directories like ArticleBase.

Were There Many Casualties?

What Google tried to do here was get rid of the sites that were offering low-grade articles or just copying and pasting articles to get people to visit them. That’s not the direction they want people to go to draw people in.

Don’t kid yourself because there were casualties, mainly web masters and article directories were affected, some were actually devastated. These sites offered crappy quality writing for mass publication purposes or repetitive publishing.

PLR sites were the targets and they were slammed nicely.

So What’s The Future Of Article Marketing?

Prior to this massive update, article directories had pretty good rankings in general. Well I hope they enjoyed it while it lasted because they are not doing so hot now.

The purpose of article marketing was to give free low grade content to the directory, with your link at the bottom. Therefore theoretically you’d be directing people back to your site when the article hit the web. This would give you backlinks from various genres and your rankings would shoot up.

The issue is that if the article is crap and has a zero rank, your backlink will also be crap and this won’t help you at all. Doesn’t matter how many crappy links you have because they won’t help you with your ranking.

Is PLR Going To Be Extinct?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Although

things may be looking bleak for article marketing and PLR, don’t throw in the towel just yet. It’s time to take a good look at fresh content and new strategies when it comes to marketing.

Understand that the clean sweep Google did with the ‘Panda’ update, was to help rid us of poorly written articles and repeat content that doesn’t do anybody any good. Think of it as the ‘fittest of the fit.’

The strong will survive. In other words, the sites that have good quality content will continue to thrive and the bottom feeders will slowly dissipate, as they should. The larger directory sites are being forced to improve their content if they want better rankings.

Google is getting rid of the ‘free-riders’ and making people earn their spot atop the web world and rightly so.

Bottom line is that if you are using good quality writing, you won’t be affected. Even if you are using PLR you can still do it, as long as you’re smart about it. Change a few things up and make it unique and you can still save money and do OK with your rankings. Essentially you’ll have the best of both worlds!

Here’s How To Affectively Tap Into PLR

Don’t ever believe that you can’t use PLR content effectively because you can. The key is making it ‘special’ or ‘unique’ to you. Don’t just buy in and slap it up on your sites without another thought. That’s not going to work any more, Google has made sure of that. Try these strategies out:

Simply Rewrite it!

The easiest route to affectively using PLR content is to rewrite it. You can have a writer do it for you at half the cost it would be, to have a writer create the article from scratch. A good writer will be able to do this quickly and fairly cheaply and that’s a great thing for you.

Just Utilize Templates To Reframe

It’s simple to create new content by plugging your PLR into templates. For instance, if you have a PLR article on ‘5 Mistakes Buying a Convertible Crib.’ You can make each of these positive and now your piece is about ‘5 Advantages of Picking the Best Convertible Crib.

It doesn’t take long and makes use of your PLR content.

Put PLR Articles Together

Another way to do it is to intertwine two articles together to from a new one, with a little tweaking of course. Or you can take pieces of a few different PLR articles and make a new one.

Use PLR As A Learning Tool

You can also use PLR content as a learning tool. Read the articles and become an expert on the subject so that you can easily create new original content.

Use Your PLR For Different Purposes

You don’t have to use PLR for your articles. You can easily use these articles information products, free reports and other specialties for your list. It really doesn’t matter about any alterations Google makes because you don’t need them to find the content.

Change The Presentation

Why not transform the PLR content into audio or video? If it’s not in text format, Google will not recognize your content as duplicate. PLR content from articles can be used as wording for videos. Marketing with videos really has become advantageous these days and is definitely worth looking into.

One absolute, is that continuing to work with PLR content as the base for your site is not going to fly. If you don’t commit to putting high quality writing first, you are in for a rude awakening because the fact is, you will suffer in the long run.

You Can’t ‘Wish’ Google Away

You are living in your own fantasy world if you think that Google is done with trying to make itself better. They will continue to make massive alterations with the way we run our sites, so that they can stay ahead of the game.

The ‘farmer/panda’ update was not the last of it’s kind. Chances are that next time around, Google will solidify this action and take a few huge steps towards a few more big issues. They will continue to move forward working out the kinks and the key is to make sure you’re not one of them!

So you can still use PLR to help with your web content, just take the time to make sure it’s original, don’t just copy and paste. Google has made it very clear that isn’t going to be acceptable and you might as well learn your lesson now, rather than try to slide through the cracks because the next thing they’re going to do is pull out their vacuum cleaner and then you are totally screwed!