How to Choose a Workout Depending on Your Fitness Goals

Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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traning woman

Going to the gym four times a week and doing 30 minutes on the treadmill every day is not something that everyone is going to be able to fit into their schedule, nor do most people have to do this to achieve their goals. Even if you have the time, an hour of slow-paced cardio every single day and a circuit training may not be ideal for the kind of results you are going for. There is a particular type of workout for every specific fitness goal, and you need to tailor your workout program according to your needs. This is the most efficient way of getting what you want from your training.

In this article, we will look at a few of the most common reasons why people train and provide some information on the right kind of workout for getting the best results in the shortest period of time for each one of these. Proper programming is just as important as choosing the right exercises and rep ranges, as it enables you to push your body close to its limits and leave it plenty of room to recover.

The strongman/woman

If your main focus is becoming stronger, be it so that you can perform better in your chosen sport or if you are just a recreational lifter, than you will need to work with challenging weights at lower rep ranges, doing mostly big compound movements. The 3-5 rep range is where you will be setting up shop, doing something like 5×5 or 4×6 and focusing on the dead-lift, squat, bench press, bent over rows and military presses. As far as the diet goes, you’ll need to be in calorie surplus to ensure optimal strength gain, but many strength athletes do slow clean bulks, adding only a few pounds a month and dieting down to a reasonable body fat percentage when they start getting a little too bulky. Here is an example of a good strength building program for beginners.

The endurance freak

For those focused more on muscle endurance and optimal cardiovascular conditioning, a fair bit of movement is necessary. Your training will be based on whether you run, cycle, swim or play a sport – specificity in training is the key to becoming better at what you do – and whether you are focused on a mid or long distance. As for weight training, compound movements are still an excellent choice, but you will need to increase the repetitions and do fewer sets. Doing 15-20 repetitions can be beneficial, but switching between this and the 10-12 rep range can help you build muscle and endurance, which is useful for mid distance athletes. You will be burning a lot of energy doing this type of training, so a diet high in carbs – 60-70% of your total calories – is recommended. You can look into some of the different types of aerobic endurance training to get an idea of what would suit you best.

The sexy beach body

Some people don’t really care about gaining too much strength, speed or endurance, and are focused more on looking and feeling good. If you’re in it for basic health and developing a sexy beach body, then you’ll need a quick and effective workout that allows you to be in and out of the gym in 45 minutes flat. With three sets in the 8-12 rep range, doing either full body or splitting your workouts, e.g. upper/lower body or push/pull movements 4 times a week, you can finish the work quickly. As long as you stay in a slight calorie surplus and focus on progressive overload, you will make good progress. You need to build up your muscles first before you can show them off, so expect to be a bit bulky for a good part of the year and then shed the excess weight gradually over 2-3 months to keep all your muscle while looking lean and hard.

The fighter

This is someone who’s main goal is to improve their fighting skills and become a better fighter. One aspect of this is gaining some size, as thick muscles will help absorb powerful strikes, but you will also need explosive power and plenty of muscle endurance. This is a tricky thing to train for, as you need to be fairly quick and explosive over an extended period of time, all while staying in motion. Good basic exercises are dead-lifts, squats, bent over rows, bench press and military press in the lower rep ranges, 3-5 for 5-8 sets, as well as explosive exercises like jump squats, power clean and medicine ball throws. A good amount of core work, neck and grip training is also advised. Plenty of carbs will be needed for energy, but you will want to switch to a high protein diet when cutting weight since higher carb intake will make you retain more water weight. A good example of an all-encompassing fighter’s training workout is MMA legend Georges St-Pierre’s workout.

I just want to look reasonably fit and stay healthy

This is the everyday Joe or Jane, looking for a little more than good health and a decent body, without spending a whole lot of time and effort to get these things. Chances are you aren’t able to fit in more than 2 workout sessions per week, and you can only squeeze in some 40-50 minutes of gym time. You can go the traditional bodybuilding route and do a 3×10 program, but there is a nice little routine by YouTube fitness guru and science guy Jason Blaha, which is specifically geared towards busy average people with modest fitness goals. You have to be at the gym twice a week, it’s no problem if you miss a workout, and you don’t have to go for maximum intensity and punish your body each workout session. As far as food goes, just try watch your calories as much as you can and stack your fridge and pantries with healthy food.

There you have it – a little bit for everyone. Exercise can lead to a lot of different goals and can be made to fir a huge variety of lifestyles and preferences so, pick your poison and stop making excuses. 


  1. I would definitely Consider myself and edurance freak.

    Trying to work our everyday now, I hope I can get some inspiration to keep working out.
    paul recently posted..The Best Italian Car Brands | Italian Car BrandsMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Fitting a daily workout in our tight schedule is often tough. Also most of us think of it as pretty exhaustive. But these strategies are best for good results and achieving set goals.
    Kathy Mathis recently posted..5 Useful Dictionary Apps for Android deviceMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    In today’s hectic lifestyle one should give extra focus on his health. The tips provided in this article will certainly change one’s attitude towards a healthier life. Thanks for sharing information about such an important aspect of our life.
    Rajinder Sanwal recently posted..Tips and tricks to improve your smartphone’s performanceMy Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Agreed your workouts differ as per your fitness goals. I know lots of people are suffering from excessive weight issue and their main focus is to lose weight, they hardly think about having 6 pack abs or so.

    So if you’re looking to lose weight only, then focus on low calories diet and moderate exercise like stretching, walking, running, and swimming etc. It really works wonders.
    Shailender recently posted..15 Tips for a Healthier LifestyleMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    please tell me what should be my workout routine , if I am a blogger.

  6. Twitter:
    Thanks for updating us with th guide to choose the right workout plan. A break and healthy regime in this fast paced world.
    Frank Joseph recently posted..IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tricks Guaranteed ChancesMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    I believe health is an important issue today. One of the way we can stay healthy is through the correct workout. Thanks for sharing this fitness goals, it is really important if we want to get the most out of it.
    Okto recently posted..How to Make $50 Daily Online Easily on Autopilot?My Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Something for everyone, Ivan.

    My needs vary and I find myself in between the fighter, the endurance freak and the strongman. Getting a reliable workout schedule for such needs could be tricky…What exactly would you advise in such a scenario?

    Be certain to make the day great!


  9. Twitter:
    Endurance freak is the best for any work out routine session..
    Olayinka recently posted..Free Targeted Places to Get Converting TrafficMy Profile

  10. Hi,
    Great article here. I think I could consider myself 4 of these things and I think they all can go hand-in-hand in some way. I have been training with MMA and I love running, so I am also an endurance freak. Running and doing a lot of repetitions with light weights really builds up my muscle endurance and reaction time. This also goes hand-in-hand with that beach body I strive for, well, it comes naturally just from working out so much. Eating healthy is also a great way to stay naturally fit , and gives you a lot of energy throughout the day. I like the tips you have given here and will try some here. Good post!

    Lawrence Berry recently posted..Financial Freedom: 6 Financial Goals To Strive For In Your 20′sMy Profile

  11. Twitter:
    I do a cross between the “strong man,,” “beach body,” and “reasonable fitness.”

    Twice a week in the gym for 45 minutes doing 5 weightlifting exercises, 2 sets each with enough weight where I can only do 3 to 6 reps. Then I do 10 minutes of interval training on the treadmill for endurance.

    The most important thing is consistency, and it’s where the vast majority of people fall down. Exercise is not fun, that’s why it’s important to design a program that you will continue, and that’s psychological. Google, “Why Do Exercise Programs Fail? Getting a Handle on Success.”
    joe arrigo recently posted..The Cyborg is HereMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    One of the things I do not like about actually going to the gym is not the work but the muscle bound guys with their gallon jugs of water and the sort of, “look at you little man” vibe that often comes with going to the gym. If only someone could come up with a program people could do at home without a lot of fancy equipment…
    Troy S. recently posted..The Gym – To go or not to go?My Profile

  13. Twitter:
    My goal is to remain fit and in good general health, hence my exercise consist of brisk walking for 25-30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.
    Jupitor Chakma recently posted..Why You Should Pursue an Online Nursing DegreeMy Profile

  14. Twitter:
    You have shared a pretty much needed topic. In our hectic lifestyle we don’t have time for our body. All day we talk about our works and get worried about our future. So i must say that we need to be punctual for our body too and exercise will help us to keep calm and fresh all the time. With this we can do our respective works with complete dedication and hard work.
    Nitin Malhotra recently posted..Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro Launching Date and Full Phone SpecificationsMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    I have been going to the gym for 6 days a week working out 2 hours a day and you can really see improvement even after only 1 month. The more you work out, the better it is going to be for your body. Also, I always feel fresh once the workout is over.
    Ronaldo Gjini recently posted..How To Root Sony Xperia Z2 17.1.2.A.0.314 FirmwareMy Profile

  16. Hey Ivan,

    Wow, These are really eye opening information for me. You said correct – selecting a Workout according to the Fitness Goals is the one of most first step and we need to care about it. If we can’t decide which type of fitness we have to achieve then how can we get that shape and size.

    Thank you so much for sharing this detailed article with us. i am going to follow some useful steps in my daily routine which i have learnt from this article :)

  17. I would love to have the sexy beach body, but I don’t have the time or desire to workout hard. Maybe one day – but for now I’ll settle for the average Jane body.

  18. hello
    i daily do workout for 1 hr and i really feel fit and perfect. thnx for this nice points really enjoyed the read
    deepti recently android file manager 2014,file manager androidMy Profile

  19. Geet Choudhary says:

    Hello Ivan,
    Great Article..thanks for sharing this informative post with us.Goal must be visualized to achieve everything in life.

  20. I’ve always found that fitness goals are a much more noble goals than a new years resolutions. Aiming to attain a goal, whether its a 5k run or just getting over a weight lifting plateau is a helpful reminder when you’re having your cheat day. There’s always this voice in the back of your head saying “don’t go too crazy, you’ve still got work to do.”

  21. Allie Kelly says:

    I love to ride my bike and do yoga. I think the workout has to be one you love, period. Keep trying until you find it.

  22. Twitter:
    I think workout is very important for every one as it has many advantages. In our day to day busy life it has been very difficult to take care of our health. But we should remember on thing that health is wealth and only if we are healthy enough we could do anything.

    You should never compromise on your workout. Even little exercise would do good like walking, jogging, stretch ups etc. It is also very important to have a proper diet. You have shared a very important topic. Take out time for your body as it helps you in many ways. It helps you relax , refresh and have a perfect body shape which would increase your confidence level. Moreover being healthy is a very good thing.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Sagar recently posted..How to Recruit or Poach Employee from Competitors companyMy Profile

  23. Twitter:
    I love to experience my cycle along with perform yoga exercise. I believe the particular exercise has to be a single you love, time. Preserve striving unless you find it. Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted..How To Download BBM for PCMy Profile

  24. Twitter:
    Lots of my time is spend on blogging and in studies, so I get very less time for workout. Can you give me some tips that which exercise will help me in keep fit.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Micromax Phone Under 15000My Profile

  25. Twitter:
    I love this fitness guide. Thanks for sharing this with us. It ironic, i always keep new year’s resolution that i would go to gym from the next year.
    Frank Joseph recently posted..NGET IRCTC Login | | Online Tatkal Booking Sign inMy Profile

  26. Shahid Shaikh says:

    I’d be fighter only. Lifting weight with fighting skills is like real world ‘Boyka’.

  27. Twitter:
    You know what I want? One of those walking desks. I talked to someone who has one, and it’s difficult to adjust to at first, but it pretty much ensures that you’re moving while you’re getting work done (in my line of work, I spend a lot of time glued to my computer). Kill two birds with one stone! Besides, I don’t like to think I’m exercising while I’m exercising… so maybe the distraction of work would be perfect.
    Angie Johnston recently posted..We’re Close to Losing the Internet. Seriously.My Profile

  28. Twinkle Parekh says:

    A very detailed and informative post, I must say. I am a kind of person, who works out to stay fit and toned. Would love to see more posts on metabolism boosting techniques.

  29. In this day and age where many people are living sedentary lives, it pays to work out and lose some kilos. Image is everything and if you look good people will assume you are happy and successful. Just spending an hour or two of your day on a work out routine can change your life for the better

  30. Twitter:
    The “beach body” always seems to get such a negative connotation. But isn’t the goal to feel good, be healthy, and be able to be satisfied with what we see in the mirror?
    Jim Heskett recently posted..Caffeine Junkies and Their Lame JokesMy Profile

  31. Twitter:
    thanks bro enjoy reading your article and got many benefits,, hope you can provide a six pack ab workout soon.
    himanshu recently posted..Best Dumbbell Exercises for Chest : Bench Press & AlternativesMy Profile

  32. Twitter:
    Yes, Thanks a lot for sharing these fitness goals. I will be using them soon.
    Frank Joseph recently posted..IRCTC Login and RegisterMy Profile

  33. Twitter:
    Thank for this sharing;
    Anetta Bursh recently posted..Bluestacks Offline Installer for Windows 7/8 DownloadMy Profile

  34. Twitter:
    Now a days excercise is the most important part in our life.So every body can spend minimum time for the excercise like walking, runnging, swimming,yoga and meditation daily. So avoid heath related issues. If a person is healthy he/her can make their familes beautiful.
    venkatbavandla recently posted..Oil & Gas pipe Line Projects in OMANMy Profile

  35. Paul Edmondson says:

    Insightful and thorough resource. I still personally think that the best workout can be had with a pair of trainers and the open road. I often get distracted when I am on the gym. It is a social place and people tend to stand around a lot and chat. I can’t get done what I want to get done!

  36. Twitter:
    i think that there are people who dont even have fitness goals, they just come to the gym to have fun, and pass there time. so i think for those people, they dont even need a workout plan, they are just coming to have fun.
    abeds recently posted..How to apply for green cardMy Profile

  37. Twitter:
    very handy post.Workout is very important .So it is always vital that choosing workout which depends on your fitness goals,and you dig out very useful gude.
    thank you.

  38. David Pheng says:

    The most important part of my body that i want is Six packs abs. It so hard to get them, i try to workout with many exercise move and i even get them, also i can’t go on diet. This article might be useful for me.


  39. Nice article and also nice tips on work out. Today Body Fitness is compulsory for all the peoples. thanks to share informative article with us.
    Hiren recently posted..Most Common Acupressure Points for Weight LossMy Profile

  40. Twitter:
    Really informative and meticulous post. In my opinion, the best workout I can have is with a pair of trainers on the road instead of the gym. Because I usually get distracted by the people chatting and standing in the gym. It just makes it hard for me to achieve my goals.
    Hamza recently posted..Scwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike ReviewMy Profile

  41. nice tips bro.i have recently started workout at gym and those tips where really useful for me.I usually workout daily for 30 to 45 min .

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