Get PR4 – PR6 Links from as little as 1$ per day


Introducing a new feature at Here’s a tasty little treat for you! it’s called Featured Sites and it’s a wonderful way to spend your ComLuv credits on something that has proven to be a fantastic way to get your site noticed by the search engines – getting your links on a high PR page […]

Vote For Me (well, CommentLuv anyway)


Like the Oscars for WordPress There’s a new site in town and it’s a doozy! is a site designed and created by @jaredwilli where you can vote up your favorite WordPress plugins, themes, sites and personalities. It’s a wonderful place to find new bling for your blog, gurus for your questions and sites to […]

A new format to the newsletter


I have decided to change the format of the newsletter so that it can include more posts. The problem with adding more posts is that it makes it tooooo loooong! New plugin to the rescue Not to worry! I have created a new plugin that allows me to choose, on a post by post basis, […]

New theme and guest posters coming in October


Here’s how the new theme is coming along, a big massive thanks to Hesham from FamousBloggers for sending me a mockup image that I could get inspiration from. I have been working solidly for days and days on the backend code to get some featured sites blocks ready so users can spend a few credits […]

New affiliate terms – no minimum payouts!

ComLuv Affiliate Report

Good news! I’ve updated the affiliate code across the whole site so that it is now more reliable and even better… I will not be setting a minimum payout level! No minimum payout level What really annoys me about most affiliate deals that are targeted at new bloggers is that they set their minimum payout […]

Additional URLs page updated

Blog descriptions on your additional urls

I’ve made some minor updates to the additional URLs page so that you can now enter in your sites description, name, category and keywords. You can also edit them too. This is a precursor to the up and coming additions to like premium featured sites and further in the future, the definitive Commentluv Directory. […]

ComLuv hosted blogs changes.


I’ve updated the way the dashboard will treat a user who has an expired Comluv blog so they can still access the support tickets, credits and help sections as well as being able to delete their blog if necessary. Choose your choice! The last incarnation of the pay to blog plugin would prevent a user […]

FamousBloggers ComLuv Contest $3550 in CASH Prizes


Who could use some extra cash? FamousBloggers and ComLuv are putting together an exciting new contest for all CommentLuv members interested in “Blogging Your Way Into Cash“. We have collected a fantastic prize fund of real cash prizes as this is the kind of prize that people want! check out Heshams’ post where he collected […]

Inflation – ads and credits to increase in price

Buy advertising on

No More Ads! That’s right, I don’t intend to add any more ads to the site. That doesn’t mean there will be NO ads, just that there wont be more than are showing now. I’ve had lots and lots of offers to put a link here or a banner there but I haven’t taken them […]

No PayPal ? No Problem. Micro payments with your cell phone.

Pay with your mobile

There’s a new payment system in town! Now you can pay with your mobile phone to activate your ComLuv blog if you don’t have paypal or credit card. 1. click the button This is the screen you see if your ComLuv blog has expired. It will give you the option of using Paypal to process […]