Blogging in 2014 ~ A leap Foward

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Enstine Muki

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Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
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blogging in 2014

2013 is fast gone! I can clearly remember when it got announced later in 2012. We had our brains full of resolutions and plans for the next year. We planned so much for our families, friends and even our dear blogs. January came and gone and now the year is dying out. What’s the level of your success? Was it a year of achievements for you?

In any case, in this post, I won’t be talking about 2013. Let’s begging thinking 2014 as bloggers

SEO in 2014

In recent years, SEO and Google the big brother have been so unpredictable. There have been a series of updates – Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird tossing our blogs up and down the SERP. Bloggers throughout these updates have learned to diversify the sources of traffic to their blogs. We have learned that relying on Google and other Search Engines alone is tantamount to digging a pit on the way.

Page rank that has been an important factor to determine a website’s strength was given no attention in 2013. What does Google have for webmasters and bloggers in 2014? Is there any future for Page Rank?

Backlinking has been a major activity in 2013. Blog commenting and guest posting have been activities to increase backlinks.  Will there be a change in 2014? What values will 2014 attach to blog commenting and guest posting? Will there be more attention given to paid guest posting?

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With the recent hummingbird update, Google is more of a human being than a bot. Ranking based on keyword is fading out. Keyword density and OnPage positioning are no longer strong ranking factors. More attention is given to content usefulness and relevance.  Bounce Rate, Time on site and social signals will become reliable messengers delivering

vital information to Google on how searchers react to your content – Do they click to other pages on your blog? , do they spend more time on your blog?, do they share your stories?  Does your content meet their intents?

Social media in 2014

2013 has been a social media year. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinedIn and Pinterest, etc have dominated social media in 2013. Businesses as well as social courses found their ways to social media profitable.

Social media has been a reliable source of referral traffic to our blogs. Facebook fanpages, groups, Google+ communities, Googl+ Hang outs, etc have driven handsome amount of traffic to our blogs. That was 2013. Is there going to be a shift in 2014? Are you working on new social media strategies?

Blogging and Security in 2014

Many blogs (WordPress to be more specific) were hacked this year 2013. Securing WP blogs has been a tough talk in 2013. Despite security measures – plugins, server updates, script updates, etc, some hacker still found their path to cause harm.  Do you have more worked out security strategies for the next year?

Blogging Community building  in 2014

Building a community as a blogger is one very crucial factor affecting success in this activity. 2013 has been a year where most of us expanded and networked with many interesting buddies in blogging. Community bulding platforms like Bizsugar, blogengage, etc have been useful this year. The coming year is another year to expand and meet more bloggers. Are you ready?

Make money blogging in 2014

Most of us blog in order to make money. We are interested in generating income from our blogs. We made some money in 2013. Another year is ahead. Have you worked on strategies to make more money?

List building in 2014

Has the money been in the list this year 2013?

A list is surely an important tool in online success. There are hundreds of ways to build a list. Did you build a list in 2013? What are the methods you have in place for 2014?

While your list is your marketplace, it’s also an important source of traffic

Now leap forward and tell us in the comment box what 2014 will look like. Very anxious to read your comments