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Why uploading your blog daily is a bad idea

Why Updating Your Blog Daily Is A Waste Of Time – And Energy: 6 Solid Reasons To Back Up!

I've read many a bunch of bad blogging advice; and have even seen much more in practice - on a daily basis. However, none beats updating your blog daily... it is one of the most silly - and wrong advice you'll ever receive. Ever. If you are a newbie … [Read More...]

How to Set up an Expensive Looking Blog on the Cheap

Beautiful Business Website on the Cheap: A Noob’s Guide

Creating a website for your business may seem unnecessary especially when you're just starting out. However, because a website can help you build better branding and increase sales of your products and services - among other benefits - it will be … [Read More...]


Godaddy coupons and vouchers for .com and .hosting

GoDaddy is an Internet web hosting company that delivers all that is needed to create and run a personal or business website. This well-known web hosting company can provide its services to both MAC and PC users, something many other hosting … [Read More...]


How to Use BuzzSumo to Find Killer Keywords and Topic Ideas

Today I’m going to show you how to find untapped topic ideas that your competitors didn’t know, and how to use them to write powerful content… attract more readers, increase social media interaction, and rack up a lot of comments. So, How to Find … [Read More...]


Web Design Predictions for 2015

2014 is just a few weeks from its end and it is surprising how fast it has blitzed by. Many people are already looking forward to next year, making plans and postulations. Here in the web design world, spoke with Mark Tuchscherer from … [Read More...]

Website to Download Template

10 Websites to Download Modern WordPress and Blogger Template

Website design is one of the important things that affect the visitor and user experience. So, it is important to your blog, especially if your blog is made for making money online. And, if you are using wordpress or blogger as your blog … [Read More...]

Google Glass App Development

Google Glass Apps Development: Profit or Loss?

All Honestly, Google glass is still a mystery. Yes there is a lot on the internet that you can read about but what it really feels like and what all it can do is still quite the subject for debate. For some people, it seems to be the answer of all … [Read More...]

How to Remove Uninstall Pre installed Apps On Android

How to Remove Uninstall Pre installed Apps On Android

Every Smartphone comes  with some pre installed apps most of  are totally shit no doubt !!. These stock pre installed apps consumes a losts of space also RAM which slow down your device. Generally user do not use those apps so why they are on you … [Read More...]


Decorating Strategies for Small Bedrooms

 We all dream of a big house with spacious rooms, especially bedrooms. Unfortunately when we buy a house we end up compromising when it comes to size because of limited funds. With the value of homes in Australia at an all time high, … [Read More...]


Simple ways to Increase Blog Traffic in 2014

Increase Blog Traffic, this article will help you to boost your blog’s traffic with heavy traffic. Starting a blog is very easy but it’s very hard to maintain it. The main problem with blog is not getting heavy traffic, you quit blogging because you … [Read More...]


Smart Art and Free-Space Grace

In order to make your home comfortable, you might have to come up with some clever ideas. It’s not easy to decorate your home and save space at the same time. On the other hand, keeping your home clean at all times is only possible if you keep all … [Read More...]

Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android L vs Android 5.0 Lollipop: What has Changed ?

Finally, the most anticipated Android 5 is now out of Bag ! A few days ago Google has officially released their latest Android 5.0 Lollipop along with the Nexus 6 and 9. It has been a few months we are using the beta version of Lollipop as Android L … [Read More...]

Tourist on Saint Istvan Basilika in Budapest

Pitstops around Europe

The itinerary suggested in the guide below is specific, as the order in which visitors take their tour of Europe matters. England, being proudly independent of other countries in Europe, has retained the Pound. Thus, the tour starts there and goes … [Read More...]

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