6 Things to do After Writing a Blog Post to Make it Go Viral

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You’ve written a great blog post and you’re sure that it will go viral and attract more comments on it.

But most of the times you don’t see enough results. You’ll be doomed almost everytime after writing a blog posts.

Have you ever thought why your blog posts are not receiving enough blog comments, shares, tweets etc?

This is mainly because..you don’t know how to properly promote your blog posts

Here are the 6 simple things you can do to make your blog posts going viral and bring them more visibility instantly.

1. Share it on social media sites :

Use social networking sites like facebook, twitter, G+ etc to promote your contents. It’s really important for you to share on your Facebook fan pages too. This way you will be getting more online visibility to your blog posts. When you’re newbie it’s really essential to get to know other bloggers and blogs. No one will come to your blog without promoting your blog the right way. So you must be promoting it almost everywhere to get instant reaction.

2. Make thoughtful comments on other blogs :

Blog comments not only bring quality relationships with other blogs but they also give your blog more visibility. Other people will find you easily when they see your blog comments all over the blogosphere, agree? It’s as simple as that. You should leave thoughtful comments on other blogs to create a great impact and generate traffic to your own blogs. Never leave one line comments by saying “˜hey great post, thanks for sharing’ etc. No one will love to have them on

their blogs, instead, they’ll send those kind of blog comments into trash. Moreover leaving one liners will not add any value to the posts, In return, you’ll also get the same type of comments. So make sure you’re adding value to the blog comments by extending the discussion of the blog topic or asking questions about the blog post.

3. Be sure to respond to your own blog comments :

This is more important, you should be building a great network around your blog to grow your network, because great connections matter a lot in the long run. The best way to build a network around your blog is, responding to each and every comment on your blog posts. Even if you’re getting negative comments, don’t worry, don’t delete them. Instead, take a second, and look at the negative comment from the readers point of view..if it adds any value then do respond to those comments else ignore them.

4. Bookmark your content :

The bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, digg, reddit will not only drive traffic to your blog, but also they’re one of the best ways to get quality backlinks to your site. Yea, bookmarking sites will give you quality results in both terms, so don’t ignore them once you finished writing a blog post to make it going viral.

5. Email few readers :

If you’ve any blogging buddies or readers, do send them your latest blog post details including title, topic and link. This way you can let them know your latest blog updates. But don’t overdo it. Don’t send daily updates, this can create bad impact on you. Or they may simply ignore helping you.

6. Make sure your content is optimized :

Don’t neglect the search engines. They’re very important to bring quality traffic to your blog. I’m not saying you to keyword stuff your blog posts though, but it should at least have keywords in titles, meta description, url, sub heads etc. And don’t forget adding tags (minimum 3 tags/post is enough) to generate more clicks on your blog posts.

Over to you :

What else do you do after writing your blog posts? Share your views here.