6 Little Known Secrets to Write Short but Valuable Blog Post

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Writing a large number of posts deemed as a fast way to increase traffic blog. This scenario has made your time concentrate more on your writing. Despite the good or bad impact, you should write enough to assure the quality within. Long posts for purposes other than value are not a wise option to try, but so are short ones that don’t conclude the subject properly. This is why you need to know the secrets to write short but valuable blog post

Something you must apprehend against the popular belief that readers tend to evade reading such long posts. As a result many bloggers purposely maintain their post length into a level that is understandable in short grasp as this will keep blog posts becomes traffic generator. On the other hand, many bloggers worries that they can’t provide value within such a post.

A short post save your time beyond any doubt. So many bloggers now raise the questions how to maintain value in a short one. To some extend, writing a short but valuable posts can only be learned. Regardless of relying on natural talent, bloggers who like to write short but valuable blog post should notice on some of the following basic things.

1. Start with your mindset

Writing a short post is not as easy as writing a long one. Think positive. You’re determined to save some of your time and use the remaining for another precious activity in life. If you think you can do it, then you will make it. You need to set your mind to believe that you will have not only a short post but also valuable one.

2.Focus on finding the problems – topics – solution to offer

Think about reader’s need right away. Discover what they want and deliver it to them. You can search on they need from keywords stats, surveys, or blog commenting. You can easily find a new fresh topic to offer from those activities that are exceedingly needed by the readers. The problems you find are your alternative topics. Once you decide one then you should “outline the solution” you want to offer into points that will become your supporting paragraphs.

3.Changing topics into title


the time to focus on the topic. This is your seeds of title. Create three variations that contain problem or solution then choose the best one.

Your title gets read more than any other parts on your blog. That’s why your title serves one target to grab attention so readers feel encouraged to read your introductory paragraphs. Attractive title can also bring targeted readers from search engine easily, this will help you a lot to build audiences in the long run. Don’t get rush on it.

4.Capture readers attention with introductory paragraph

Introductory paragraph is imperative to tell readers about the value of your post. Make a summary of the problems and benefits they’ll get if reading until the end. Wrap it into two or three paragraphs that build interest.

The length of your introduction becomes urgent to capture readers attention and connect emotionally right away. When readers begin emotionally bond they pay focus and more likely to take action after being put into suggestion.

5. Share main ideas in the supporting paragraphs

At this part you are ready for describing more on your outline. You need to break them down into points of sub headings that consist of problems and solutions. Make sure the sub headings clearly describe what you are going to write about. It’s not only helping the reader but also helping you out. Describe every point into five lines maximum in one to four paragraph each so that you can only put the main value into it.

6.Don’t underestimate the summary paragraph

Last but not least, summary paragraph take important role in creating impression to the readers. You can create this part in millions and one ways, but the most common is in form of conclusion. It’s the time to reiterate the value for your readers. You will help readers out to take into account on what value or what critical message they need to remember. In the end, readers will easily take your advice for their future action.

Valuable blog post improve readers’ loyalty

When it comes to reading a posts not all readers can pay a full attention to it thus there’s a chance they’ll miss your points out somehow. Furthermore, they likely to choose reading (repeatedly) from someone who already impressed them by the value provided. Giving a short but valuable blog post will absolutely ease reader’s pain and make you a better blogger in their perception.This is effective strategy to improve reader’s loyalty over to you.

Have you ever planned to write short but valuable blog posts? What’s the reason and how do you insert value on it? Please share us your thought.