How frequently are you suppose to ping your blog?

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Blog Pinging is still considered as an effective way to notify search engines. Even though most of the webmasters already knew this pinging hack, most of the newbies are still asking what is pinging? How to ping? When to ping? what are the best services to do it? and How many services should I use at a time? For those all who are having these questions, I decided to give my opinion and my practice on blog pinging.

What is pinging?

Pinging is process of sending packet of data to the search engines to notify that you have updated your blog with new content. It notifies the search engine bots to visit your blog and crawl it as soon as possible. This is not the definition of pinging, this is just a simple explanation of pinging.

How to ping?

There are many services that provide a platform to ping your blog. Almost all those services are automated processes. There are both free and premium services for blog pinging on web.

What information you need to fill on pinging of your blog?

Usually you need several information to complete your blog pinging process. Basically you must fill your website title, website link and feed address to complete the pinging form. If you are blogging on wordpress you can add pinging list to your wordpress dashboard too.

When to ping your blog?

This is the most important part of this article. Most of the newbies to blogging are asking this question everywhere on forums. The simple answer is you should ping your blog after you update it. Each time after you adding new content to your blog, you are permitted to notify the search engines. Then search engine bots will crawl your new pages and index them in the correct category of the search engine.

What is over pinging?

Over pinging is the process of pinging your blog over and over again without updating your content. Simply

some people need instant traffic and search engine ranking just after making a blog. What they focus is to earn a lot within first few days of making a blog. So what they are doing is just making few posts for their blogs and then trying to promote those few articles to index quickly on search engines. They don’t know it takes some time to index a website on search engines. So they ping and ping and ping every time with pinging tools. This is known as over pinging.

Effect of over pinging

The newbies are not really have a good idea on SEO (Search Engine optimization). Even though they think pinging will index their blogs instantly because of they are pinging it more frequently, it may not going to happen. Over pinging will considered as automated process by search engines. Search engines considered it as spamming. I think you know what is spamming? Anyway spamming is a process you send same data everywhere in web which are not useful to the internet community. If search engines considered your pinging is kind of a spamming, what they do is they block your URL/web address. The ultimate result is the banning of your website from search engine. So what is the point of having a website which is not indexed in Google?

How many Pinging services should I used at once?

This is another very common question that almost all the new bloggers are asking. Usually I am using only two pinging services at once to ping my blog. But I never send the same post twice in to a same search engine. Some people are looking for hundreds of blog pinging services. But what the point of having too many, if you only going to use two or three pinging services at once?

This is my opinion on blog pinging and how I deal with blog pinging. I have already got good results by using the above mentioned method so far. I think you can also get some better results by applying this strategy to your blog too.

Sometimes you may have some different opinion on blog pinging. I always respect the opinions of others. So feel free to start a discussion below to make a better strategy for blog pinging.