5 Simple Diet Tips for a Healthier and Slimmer Body

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A new fad diet comes out literally every year, right in time for summer when people start feeling very self-conscious about the way their body looks. These diets prey on people who are in a very vulnerable state and strive to dramatically cut calories or even whole food groups, valuing weight loss over health. What happens is that people lose a few pounds of water weight initially – cut carbs down low enough and you’ll lose a whole lot of water quickly – and then burn some fat and muscle for the next few months until they reach a point where they snap or they just go back to their regular eating habits and regain everything.

What is a healthy diet?


A healthy diet is a lifestyle choice. It should promote health primarily, and you can adjust it for weight loss by simply cutting some calories. More importantly, it is something that you can stick to for life, not just a quick way to cheat your body into behaving. Here are some simple tips that will enable you to lead a healthy life, so you can both look and feel good.

Limit your daily calories, but keep them at a reasonable level

Eat less, but still strive to get all the nutrients you need, and you will lose weight – it’s as simple as that. However, you should lower your calories only a little bit below what the body needs to maintain its current weight, otherwise you will endanger your health. Don’t go more than 500-600 calories bellow your maintenance levels.

Eat plenty of vegetables with every meal and a few servings of fruit a day

Vegetables and fruit are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, and generally low on calories. This makes them an excellent choice for virtually everyone. High fiber content helps regulate your bowels and has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of bowel cancer. Foods high in fiber also have a very high satiation value, which means that they make you fool and help you control your appetite. Certain vegetables and most fruit also contain plenty of water, so you can get a good portion of your recommended daily water intake through consuming them instead of forcing yourself to drink more water.

Avoid drinking a lot of sugary drinks, including fruit juice

Your body needs plenty of water to stay hydrated, and it can actually help burn more fat and fight cellulite. A soda or fruit juice every now and then isn’t all that bad, but these drinks have several drawbacks. They are full of sugar and don’t satiate your hunger at all, which means you get a calorie bomb and still feel the need to eat afterwards. All that sugar sticks to your teeth, which can lead to a rapid tooth decay. Due to their high acidity, fruit juice and soda can also strip the enamel right of your teeth. Dentists warn that it is quite common to see young people with teeth deteriorated to the point where serious treatment is required to restore their oral health. Stick to water, tea and coffee for the most part.

Cook your food instead of frying it


It’s no secret that deep fried food is bad for your health, yet people don’t seem it realize just how bad this kind of food really is. Frying or grilling certain foods on very high temperature creates cancerogenic substances within the food, increasing your chance of developing cancer significantly. It has also been linked to heart disease, though some studies refute this claim, and the increased fat intake will make it difficult to lower your calories.

Eat enough unsaturated fats

When people say that fat is bad for you, that statement isn’t all that accurate. Saturated fats are what’s bad for you, but even they are perfectly fine if consumed in small amounts. However, unsaturated fats – olive oil, avocado, nuts, fish – can actually be beneficial. About 15-20 percent of your daily calories should consist of healthy fats.
In order to stay healthy and fairly fit, you don’t have to do too much, but you have to stick with the lifestyle changes you make for life.