Similarities between Good Bloggers and Mothers

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Similarities between a Good Blogger and a Mother

The title may looks funny to you guys, but I really mean it! I have noticed many similarities between Good Bloggers and Mothers. Let me start with the concept which I always mention when I talk about the types of bloggers. The Good Blogger and The Bad Blogger! That’s it! There is no third type in my point of view.

Here, I am not going to discuss bad bloggers as all of us may already know about the bad guys in blogging so we have to get to the topic quickly. A good blogger treats his blog like a mother treats her child. Let’s check out how?

Feeding your blog:

Like every mother (rich or poor) tries to feed her child with quality food, a blogger also tries his best to feed his blog with quality content. You must try your best to upload high quality articles and pictures to your blog if you want to see it growing. Make sure each and every blog post in your blog must deliver something useful to your readers so they comeback again to see you.

If you are publishing tutorials, make them complete and comprehensive, otherwise it would be of no use and can make your readers even more confused about the topic they were searching for.

Name it well:

All mothers try to choose good names for their babies. So should you when it comes to choosing a domain name for your blog. Choose the domain name wisely because you can not rename your website later. Make sure that your domain name should be related to the stuff you are going to place on your blog. It should not be an orange if you are planning to sell apples on your website.

Dressing your blog:

Every mother wants to see her child well-dressed so people could admire him, same case is with bloggers. A blogger should choose a best design for his blog to dress it elegantly. As a blogger you should choose a neat design for your blog because a good design is a first impression on your visitors, so make it everlasting. Choose your blog theme

wisely and try not to save few bucks by not purchasing a Premium WordPress Themes for your blog. But if you have found a free theme which is Malware free then its great.

Keep it healthy:

No one in this world is more worried than a mother when it comes to a heath of a child. Same goes for a blogger. He should always be taking a good care of his blog’s health and must manage to pull out some time from his busy schedule to check up the health of his blog. He should take all precautionary measures to keep his blog safe from hacking attempts and from hidden infections and malware. Unfortunately, if you have found something malicious in your code or some bad scripts, do your best to tackle the problem and don’t hesitate to consult any professional who could help you out.

Introduce it to the family and the world:

Every mother takes her child with her when she goes out somewhere. It helps her child to get introduced with the world. Consider your niche as your family and the world wide web as a world. First try to introduce your blog to the other blogs in your niche then it will gain popularity with the passage of time.

Appear on social media sites as a proud owner of your blog and help it making its way to the hearts of the people. After couple of months you will find a huge difference in your blog’s reputation in social media websites and you will feel happy on your success.

Provide it a good and safe residence:

Every mother wants to provide her child a safe home where he could live peacefully without any danger. Similarly, a blogger must provide a best and reliable hosting server to his blog. A server with 99.9% up time and an unlimited bandwidth is essential for every blog. Imagine your favorite website getting down every second day, will you still visiting that site? No? Yeah, make sense. I’ll also not visit such site who is always down.

Help it learn ethics:

No mother wants to see her child as a criminal. So should you! First you should know about the crimes of blogging world so that you could keep your blog safe to be in the list of criminals. Keep him away from stealing anything from the fellow bloggers. Keep it original and clean. Don’t run behind the quantity of posts either by hook or by crook, always go for the quality.

Treat your blog as your child if you want it to give you a good pay back. All above mentioned things are the investments and if you invest wisely, you will surely get a good ROI. I hope these good blogging ideas would help you gaining more success in blogging.