5 Reasons why you should not choose free hosting for a successful blogging career

Sandeep Singh
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Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh
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Hosting is a key element for  successful blogging. Blogging can be a dream for some and for some an income source. To be a professional blogger you need to do what needs to be done. It is not that you will become successful in a day or two but constant application will get you there. One important aspect in helping you do that is your hosting provider. I know many newbie bloggers start off with a free hosting provider just to save money but actually they are losing more than that by not doing it.

Have a look at these

Hosting Server Performance:

Don’t you like Facebook for the seconds in which it loads and show up ? I personally do and it is because they have one of the best servers behind them. To buy good servers it needs a lot of money and to decrease that free hosts opt for a lower budget servers. Don’t you think it will be bad for you ? Certainly your server performance will be low and you will be facing a lot of down time. Not only that this can really degrade your indexing in google and standings in google. I have personally felt it when I was at 0fees.net  and after shifting to Hosgator I am loving the way my blog has got tripled traffic.

Host Security:

Nothing is safe when it is open to everyone and your site is one such. I hope you know that how many sites are hacked a day, some do it for fun and some to prove the mettle. Always a good defence is necessary to counter strong attacks. Free host don’t spend money on that as they will have budget issues getting it. While premium service providers give you assurance of security because they care about that.

Hosting Technical Support:


best part of any paid service is the support that they provide you within a time period. They have to do that because you need to be glued to them for getting the next payment but that is not the case with Free hosting providers. Many don’t even bother to reply to the tickets received. This may cause your site to be down for many days if you get into a problem whereas the problem may be solved within hours by service providers like Hostgator. Instant Live support is one amazing feature which you will love with big players in the hosting game.

Host Bandwidth Limitations:

Free host are bound to give you lesser bandwidth as they need to fit in large number of sites on a single server. Even disk space is a major factor which you need to consider while making a choice. Imagine, your site is a wordpress blog and it starts to generate good traffic within days but you bandwidth is exceeded. You will start getting a message ” Bandwidth Exceeded” not only will this hamper your traffic in the coming days but also give your readers an impression that this is site is not going to stay long enough. Branding is the most important while building a blog.

Host Advertisments:

Everyone needs to make money right ? It is not that free service providers are simply donating free services to you! They make money in one form or the other. One way is by force fully advertising on sites hosted on there servers. This not only makes you feel losing control over your site but also the ads may be places at some annoying places for your readers. Would you want to leave your sites in hands of them ? better think before you make a decision like that.

Hosting may be one of the things you need to configure before becoming a successful blogger but even more necessary is attracting Media to your blog. 


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    Very Well explained. i totally agree that Free hosting don’t have features to make you a successful entrepreneur. You need to spend money to be able to get success online.
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