The Day The BlackBerry World Came To A Stand Still

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Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham
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BearBerry (BlackBerry)

The Day Every BlackBerry Owner Dreads!

It was all the buzz on Twitter the other day as the hash tag for BlackBerry, was started to fly around the Internet like wildfire and though it probably didn’t mean much to those without a BlackBerry, those with them thought the world had come to an end, specially those using them for their business!

It’s The End Of The World!!!!

I’m one of those owners of a BlackBerry and at 11am GMT Monday the RIM server in Slough decided to go down and this caused mayhem for BlackBerry users with the loss of email, BBM and other Blackberry based services.

At first I had no idea what was going on, all I knew myself was that shortly after 11am my phone went quiet, which is a rarity in itself, as it’s alwats coming through with tweets, updates from FaceBook and emails that have been sent to my phone that may be important.

Was It All A Flash In The Pan?

After reading a lot of tweets that were going around at the time, it seemed to be that a lot of BlackBerry owner were thinking of jumping ship and getting an iPhone, which to me seemed a little over the top,

I mean come on, just because a server went down, doesn’t mean that he company has go belly up does it ;)

It’s quite funny that as soon as something goes wrong people start to panic almost as if their world is slowly stopping and they just don;t know what to do with themselves.

20 Hours Of A BlackBerry Blackout!

So it took around 20 Hours for RIM to get their servers back online, but they did keep in touch with users via Twitter letting them know what was going on, first to come back on was the emails and I had a massive influx of them flying through to my smartphone, then followed by other services.

But it does go to show that in this modern day and age, people do have tendency to over rely on their tech and even with just one day without BBM etc, seemed to turn their worlds upside down, personally, I was texting instead of using the the BlackBerry BBM services.

So What Do You Think? Was It All A panic For Nothing?

Now that the dust has settled and everything is running again, do you think that the majority of BlackBerry users over panicked with the server going down or do you think it was nothing to worry about.