Simple ways to Increase Blog Traffic in 2014

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increase-blog-trafficIncrease Blog Traffic, this article will help you to boost your blog’s traffic with heavy traffic. Starting a blog is very easy but it’s very hard to maintain it. The main problem with blog is not getting heavy traffic, you quit blogging because you could not increase your blog traffic and many newbie and some old but not serious blogger faces this problem very much. Here are some simple ways to increase your blog traffic. Just follow these simple tips and in few weeks you will see the difference in your blog’s traffic. Many things should be cared to increase blog traffic, like SEO, Social media promotion, guest posting, quality and quantity content and many more.

Increase Blog Traffic

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the most important things to care about. It helps you to increase blog traffic. Writing content optimized according to SEO helps to increase blog traffic, Using of SEO plugins can help in optimizing your content for the search engine like Google, Bing. You can use some of the free best plugins like All in one SEO pack, SEO by Yoast which will help you in optimizing your blog for search engines. Using Google tools like webmasters, analytic also helps you to understand your blog and gives you suggestion on improvement of your blog. Link your articles and post internally, internally linking helps search engines to discover your other contents easily and it also makes reader to stay for longer time on your blog. You must link at least one article in your post to increase blog traffic. Some thinks that caring and optimizing content only increases their blog’s traffic but SEO is not limited in optimizing content, optimizing your whole blog also affects your blog traffic, the time to load your website should be only few seconds which effect blog ranking, you can check you blog’s loading time by simply login here check your blog’s page speed and  In short you need

to care about these things to increase blog traffic

  • Content: write quality content that is useful.
  • Keywords: Use right keywords, use keywords tools and maintain your keyword density.
  • Images: you must use images in your article, one at least with keyword in image’s alt tag.
  • Internal Linking: Link your at least one post in each and every post.
  1. Social media Promotion

Social Media like Facebook, twitter, Google plus etc are the one of the main sources of traffic. These days many people are on social media and promoting your article on social media helps to increase blog traffic. The more you promote your blog on social media the more your traffic increases. It does not cost a single penny for promoting blogs on social media. Create Facebook pages and groups and promote your blog. Google plus is most important in terms of Google search engine, promoting your blog on Google plus will give you extra points in getting traffic to your blog. After writing and publishing any post, share it on social medias and if possible ask your friends also to do that. This is surely helps you to increase blog traffic.

  1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is also one of the effective ways of increasing traffic of blog. Guest blogging on high ranks blog will help you to get much traffic because high ranks blogs have huge readers. Try posting guest articles at least twice a month and it will help and grab attention of reader’s towards you. Guest blog also brings quality and genuine backlinks to your blog which is one the important factor to increase blog traffic. Guest blogging will help you to interact with more people and you will get to learn many things to increase your blog traffic.

  1. Interact with Others on Blog comment

Commenting is one of the ways of attracting readers to your blog. Interact with readers on comments and also do comments on other high ranks blog but genuine comment which will increase your blog traffic to some extent. Interacting with readers helps you understand them and understanding them will help you to write article or post according to the need and flexibility of readers.

These were some simple tips on the ways to increase traffic; I hope you liked the article and hey don’t forget to leave comment. Thank you