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What did you get for Christmas? I added to my tech-gear with a new Samson Meteor microphone. This little mic is perfect for podcats, vlogs, audio on social media, or videos for your site. Why not add a microphone that is incredibly functional, compact, and oozes retro-styling? Check out the Samson Meteor mic.

Samson Meteor Microphone

Samson Meteor Microphone Demonstration

I could think of no better way to show off this new little tech-gadget than in a video demonstration. This video is recorded on my MacBook Pro using Photobooth and my Samson Meteor Mic.

Features of the Samson Meteor Microphone

  1. 1 x 25mm condenser capsule
  2. 80 x 49 x 49mm Dimensions
  3. 16-bit/48KHz sampling rate
  4. Monitor 1/8″ headphone plug with volume control
  5. Mute Button
  6. Tri-color LED: Live, Mute, and
  7. Plug and play USB interface with cable
  8. Compact all Chrome folding-leg design
  9. Carrying case

My Thoughts on the Samson Meteor Microphone

As a sucker for elegant design

I was enamored with the Samson Meteor Microphone from the first time I saw it. Then combine the weighty feel, functional legs with sound-dampening foot pads, and rich audio sound capture – I am sold.

Prior to adding the Samson Meteor Microphone to my tech-gear bag I was using the built in microphone on my MacBook Pro. It worked, but was hollow. There are several other microphones that could be used, but there were two key features that drew me to this microphone:

  • Low Power Draw
  • Awesome Retro-Design

I’m an electrical engineer at heart, so something about efficient power use rings true. The Samson Meteor Microphone uses so little current that is can be used directly with an Apple iPad2. Several other USB microphones require an externally powered USB hub to work with an iPad. That just seems to wreck the entire point of having a mobile platform with a mic and an iPad2. With the Samson Meteor Microphone you can do just that – nice portable solution.

The retro design ranks high on the cool-scale for me. It reminds me of the old school microphones like the Shure 55SH (google). A little nostalgia goes a long way in my book and the Samson Meteor Microphone delivers.

What’s in your … tech-gear bag?

What do you use for recording audio for your site? What’s in your … tech-gear bag?

If you are looking to upgrade, your microphone is a great place to start. There are many models on the market, but the Samson Meteor Microphone produces some great sound in a compact and elegant package.