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Make Simple Video Backgrounds with Photo BoothHave you ever wanted to add a background to a video? Wouldn’t it be cool if you were on a beach, or floating in the clouds instead of sitting in your house on your videos?

Well if you have an Apple computer you already have the tools to add simple video backgrounds. Just Photo Booth, a well-lit backdrop, and an image is all you need. Just follow these steps to create some simple video backgrounds.



What You Need for Simple Video Backgrounds

  • Photo Booth – Is a simple application from Apple that lets you take snapshots, create filmstrips like the old-school coin operated photo booths, and lets you record videos.
  • Lighting – better lighting, makes better videos. No seriously, get some lights. Use extra room lights, shop lights, anything. You need to light up the room to eliminate shadows. Any shadows are going to make a mess of your simple video background.
  • Smooth Backdrop – you need a plain backdrop behind you when you shoot your video. This is where Hollywood uses “green screen”. They create a solid backdrop of a color that won’t be worn by anyone in the video. The backdrop shouldn’t have any creases, lines, or shadows. Find a smooth wall, hang a sheet, or even tape colored paper to the wall with matching duct tape. Your goal is to make a smooth backdrop so the computer can find it and replace it with your cool simple video background image.
  • Background Image – the last thing you need is bounded by your imagination. Find an image of where you want your views to see you.

Putting It all Together to Make Simple Video Backgrounds

When you start the Photo Booth application select video. You should now see yourself sitting in your studio with your well lit plain backdrop behind you.
Press Effects on the lower

right side of the screen. This is where you see different options for video effects. Keep pressing the right arrow, two times. Now you can see eight default background images that you can use.

If you want to use your own background image, press the right arrow one more time. You should now see where Photo Booth lets you upload eight different backgrounds by just dragging one of your images into one of the boxes.
To use the simple video background, select one of the images. The screen will show a prompt asking your to “Please step out of the frame“. Do it – get out of the way. Hide from the camera; imagine the paparazzi have tracked you down.
This lets Photo Booth capture a clean image of your nice, plain, well-lit back drop. It uses this image to determine where you are and where it should insert the simple video background.
If you miss the prompt, or forgot to turn on your lights, you can reset the simple video background by pressing command – shift – R. This will retake the image of the background, by asking you to “Please step out of the frame“.
Now just record your video. An easy way to use simple video backgrounds with Photo Booth.
The results aren’t going to win any video production awards. They aren’t as good as production green screen technology used in Hollywood; not even close. But hey if you want a simple video background to have some fun for your next YouTube video this will do the trick.

Go Make Your Own Simple Video Background

Just pull out your copy of Photo Booth on an Apple, have a plain and well-lit back drop, and a background image to use. That’s all you need for a simple video background.

Your turn. Give this a shot, upload your video, and post a link in the comments below. Let’s see where you can take us with Simple Video Backgrounds.