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Vineet Saxena
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We all know that visual media has the greatest impact on the minds of customers and hence is being extensively used for promoting millions of online businesses worldwide. Visual media makes use of videos as the major and a powerful instrument to popularize one’s business online. Videos affect mindset of people more than any other form of the content like articles , blogs , books and many more. One would prefer to watch an interesting video of 5 minutes instead of going through an e-book or blog of 20 pages.

Also , videos spread in a viral way as they get shared on various social networking websites and other platforms. You can create a video related to the content or niche of your business , blog or website and submit it to various video directories to make huge profits .

All you need to do is to leave a link back to your website or blog in the description or in the video itself and you can see positive results in no time. Many experienced marketers have taken up video marketing as the premier method to promote their online venture. Let’s take a look on how to go through the complete process.

How to create a video

This is the most basic step to start with video marketing. And to the amusement of some people , you can easily create high quality videos to support your online business for absolutely free. There are two choices for you to create a video:

  1. You can record a video review or you can narrate your experiences featuring yourself using a webcam or some video capturing device .  When your video is ready , you can submit it to the various video hosting websites like Youtube to publish your video. You can leave a link back to your website in the description so that your visitors  can visit your website too.
  2. If
    you do not want to face the camera , then you can just make a powerpoint presentation of your content and insert an audio clip narrating and explaining the text part. Although less effective than the first one, it can still attract a large audience for your website. Do not forget to link your video to your money site.

Directories to submit your video

Now that you have created a video , you need to upload it to the web and publish it to the whole world. You can do this by submitting it to the major video directories which can help you to reach your audience. Here is a list of major sites which you must submit your video to:

  1. Youtube
  2. Metacafe
  3. Dailymotion
  4. Viddler
  6. Google videos

There are numerous more directories but you at least must submit to the above ones.

Useful tips to keep in mind

Keep in mind the following useful tips which can make your video highly successful.

  1. Your video must be completely original and not copied from anywhere. Otherwise you will get no benefit as your video will be removed from the host’s site. You get credit for original content. You must read the publisher’s guidelines before submitting your videos to avoid any issues.
  2. Make sure that the title you use for your video is eye-catching. The title plays a major role in the success of any video. A good and appropriate title can bring you huge targeted traffic.
  3. You can comment on various blogs and sites using your video. Nowadays , you can integrate videos with your comments on many blogs and websites. This will make your video more and more popular and will increase traffic to your money site.
  4. You can social bookmark your videos to make them work best for you.

Videos are known to convert as high as 20% if used appropriately. So decide your content smartly and accordingly tag your videos.