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Why is it that the moment when you realize that you have left your keys inside is just as the door clicks shut?


Fixing one bug to reveal another

I have spent the past couple of weeks trying to track down why my server was getting a bazillion hits from a few sites that had CommentLuv Premium installed and it turned out that those sites were not saving transients properly.

I came up with (I thought) was a solution.

It’s hard to know something is fixed if I cannot replicate it myself on my machines so the best I can do is suck it and see.

So, I sent it to one of them and let it run for a few days and it seemed to solve the problem.

I merged the code in to the new update which fixes a couple of other bugs and did a full release with loud announcement asking people to update to the latest version of CommentLuv Premium which, like the great users they are, did in their hundreds.

At this point the bug reared it’s ugly head.

arrrgh! (again)

This is the one and only time that I didn’t go through the laborious process of doing my test run on my local machines.


The bug

Version of the plugin will not auto update. When you try to update you see a ‘The plugin is at the latest version’
the plugin is at the latest version

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The solution

This only concerns the 249 users of version of CommentLuv Premium that updated immediately who are seeing the ‘the plugin is at the latest version’ message when they try to update.

1. Deactivate the old plugin
2. Delete the old plugin
3. Download the new plugin from the members area at CommentLuv.com/members/
4. Upload the new plugin
(visit the plugins page, click “add new” and then “upload” . browse to the zip file you downloaded and upload and activate it)

You should now be running the updated version of the plugin.

Future fixes

I have to think of a different way to manage the auto update temporary data. I can’t have the server go down for thousands just because of a few errant blogs that aren’t working properly so I will work on an alternative way of handling this and get an update out (that’s been tested properly!) as soon as I can.

Is it still broke then?


The plugin is fine, it’s just a few blogs that have draconian security settings or other non-standard installs or badly behaved cache plugins or other gremlins (possibly aliens did it). … and the oh-so-slight-but-probably-inevitable chance of programmer error

I will contact the sites that are causing the problem and give them a temporary patch to prevent their sites from causing a problem to the rest of the world.

If I can get admin access to a site that is not behaving then I can track down the problem much quicker