Emergency coding night ahead!

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btw.. you can get this author box here

Since the release of the plugin, around 3500 people have downloaded it from the codex. With that many people using it, I knew there was going to be a slew of people pointing out any errors or bugs that they experience.

I tried my best to prevent any problems by testing it on wp2.7 wpmu 2.7.1, on php4 and php5, on 20 different themes and through different os’s and browsers. I thought I had got all the bugs sorted, not true!! mass use will always find things that can’t be predicted, it’s the ‘fun’ part of coding don’t you know?! 😉

Luckily, there’s only 2 things that are causing issues right now.

1. the added bit of code that identifies the link ([rq=251 etc)
2. the info box going out of place


1. I will be coding late into the night to work around not inserting this data to the comment and still being able to identify it for clicks and info requests. Ron is also working on the API to see if that bit can be left out too.

2. In my late night coding, I will work on a fix for this too. It happens on

blogs where the sidebar is outside the main wrap div which puts the left position out by a lot or hides the info box under the sidebar (even if I set the z-index to a high number)

It’s my birthday tomorrow so I might end up with cake in my face instead of code in my head. please be patient and don’t swear too much about this minor issues (minor, hah!)

oh, and please please please, use the support tickets system for reporting problems and not the comments of the posts on this site. it’s really hard to keep track of who wants what when it’s spread over mutliple posts and comments, the support ticket system keeps everything in one place and each problem has it’s own thread, just visit the dashboard and click the link for support tickets under “support”


[update] The plugin has been updated to v2.7.3 which removes the pesky tags and validates better with xhtml. please download it from the repository here http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/commentluv/