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Doing so means you get exposure to thousands and thousands of other CommentLuv users and your posts get sent out to the massive subscriber list.

Google loves this site and indexes it multiple times per day and posts always get lots of comments so you can be sure of some excellent exposure.

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From nofollow to dofollow in a snap, oh crap?!

I’ve found out from a series of emails with TechChunks that the links added by CommentLuv are now magically appearing as dofollow links.

How strange! I know for a fact that they weren’t doing that a month or so ago because I was still getting support tickets from users asking why the last blog posts links were NOT dofollow and I had to tell them that they followed whatever default was set by WordPress. Now, it seems that the links are not ‘nofollow’ed.

I know that the last update to WordPress had a bug in it that prevented any links at all from being clickable in the comment text because of a mistake with a filter that was applied to each comment content, that was fixed with an update to Akismet. I think maybe the fix also broke the bit that adds a filter that makes all links have a rel=”nofollow” added.

Minor Update

I’ve just coded a minor update to the Commentluv wordpress plugin that allows you as a blog owner to set which links have the rel=”nofollow” attribute added.

You have a choice of making all links ‘nofollow’ or none of them (which makes you a dofollow blog) or for a bit more control, you can set it so that only people that have registered to your site

can have their last blog posts as dofollow. This is a little hint of how things will be going with the next major update to CommentLuv (v2.9+) where instead of getting people to register here at for advanced features, they can (if you choose) register to your site as a subscriber to get things like dofollow or choose from more than 1 post when they comment on your site.

As with other updates, I wont be updating the codex right away but I’ll be adding a link to download the latest build (2.817) to the download page (Commentluv WordPress) and you can try it out. Please let me know your results if you install it to your site (either good or bad!)

To install the new version, you will need to deactivate the old version and delete it if you are going to be using the ‘add new’ plugin page in your dashboard to upload the zip file.
If you are using FTP to upload the folder in the zip file, be sure to deactivate the plugin first and then upload the folder overwriting the old one.

Once it is installed, visit the settings page and choose which links you want to have rel=”nofollow” added to