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I just had a frickin nightmare! I released version 2.90.8 of commentluv and that was fine and dandy with over 2000 blogs downloading it on the first day of the update being live and then I did something silly.

I decided to do a ‘quick’ edit of the code to remove any notices that show up during a debug mode and thought it fixed all the notices. So pleased was I that I had a cup of tea and promptly went about lollygagging and pontificating without a care in the world.

until…. I got stung by the ‘never svn commit “quick” edits’ bee.

After much panic and a few lost hairs and the kind assistance of Gie from I was able to issue a fix and updated the repository.

Version is the one!

Version 2.90.9 is the one!

I am hoping that the repository updates quickly with the new code that I uploaded and then I will try and work on some other code that will visit each blog that has version or to tell them to update which will probably take all of tommorrow :(

grrr, there is yet another tiny bug that crept in due to the ‘quick’ changes I made so I have to release version 2.90.9 so sorry everyone!

Let me know if you experience issues, please!!

I’m tired and cranky and even though I’m confident that I have fixed the issue, the reason it came about means that it is entirely possible that I missed something else that will only turn up if someone has particular settings enabled so if you spot anything hinky, please do not hesitate to submit a support ticket and call me out on it.

So Sorry!

If I messed up your blog with this update, I am very sorry. Please update to the latest version, just search for ‘commentluv’ in your ‘add new’ section of your plugins page and it should prompt you to update the plugin if you have it installed already.



  1. Kristan

    I’m having a problem after updating to, which is that “empty” commentluvs still get the prefixed text (“a recent post by so and so:”) even when the commenter has not opted to include a link behind it. I just updated to — will that fix it?? If not, please be aware that that’s another problem.

    I would also like to request that custom CSS be saved from update to update. Every time you release a new version, I have to copy my custom styling before I update so that I can paste it afterward. It would be easier not to have to.

    It would also be great if admins could have a commentluv interface on the Edit Comment page to show/hide/delete the commentluv from a particular comment.

    Kristan recently posted..Give and take — a post about feedbackMy Profile

    • Andy Bailey

      Hi Kristan,
      sorry, the caused that empty commentluvs problem, that’s why I had to make the rush update. so sorry! updating to will prevent that from happening to new comments but unfortunately, comments made with will still show that. hopefully there weren’t too many.

      when you say custom css do you mean you are editing the css file in the commentluv folder?

      as for your other question, you can see the ‘remove luv’ link and click it to remove the luv from a particular comment in the comments admin page in your dashboard.
      Andy Bailey recently posted..6 Tips to Skyrocket your Blog Traffic FastMy Profile

  2. What is the 8.1 suppose to do to our blogs. I have not received and update that says 8.2 yet.

  3. Thanks very much from us in France Andy :o ) Sadie
    Sadie-Michaela Harris recently posted..What do Mobile users want?My Profile

  4. Tine

    Thanks for the update. However, for the previous (not the boo boo one :P ) version, if a commenter did not click on the Commentluv checkbox, there will be no link at the bottom of the comment. All was good and dandy.

    After the boo boo and latest update, even when commenters did not click on the Commentluv checkbox, there’s a line at the bottom of every comment “So-and-so’s recently posted…..[heart icon]”

    Is there any way to remove that? I think it’s unsightly to show that even though they did not enable Commentluv for their comments.

    Tine recently posted..Bloggie Wednesdays: Ask Me Anything!My Profile

  5. Sarah

    Since updating tonight it doesn’t show the visitors “luv”, just “{shared blog post — }”

    In my settings for “text to be displayed in comment” I have it set as –

    {shared blog post – [lastpost]}


    Clicking “remove luv” in the WP dashboard doesn’t remove anything either.
    Sarah recently posted..Simply PinkMy Profile

  6. Sarah

    Oh also, even when the comment luv box is NOT checked, it still adds – {shared blog post – } to the comment.

    The “remove luv” doesn’t work in the main dashboard but DOES work on the comments admin area specifically.
    Sarah recently posted..Simply PinkMy Profile

    • Andy Bailey

      Hi Sarah,
      the remove luv link should only be used in the admin comments area. It wont take effect in the dashboard main page.
      for your other issue of not showing the luv link, they may be comments that were made with the version that had a problem.
      can you submit a support ticket at and give me the urls of where I can see them?

      thanks for your feedback!

  7. w3blog says:

    There is no reason to apologize, we all make mistakes it´s only natural.!!
    It´s fixed and we still have the most used and best plugin, so sleep well and I hope it help´s your mood ;)
    w3blog recently posted..So you finally ran out of idea for topicsMy Profile

  8. Melvin

    Yeah, you messed up my blog and I had to work for about an hour because it was showing white screen. Screw it!

    Just joking. :D

    Its just fine, I just updated to the latest version. This is the good thing about having a community around you as you can quickly be reminded when something goes wrong.
    Melvin recently posted..Creative Ways To Reduce Your Bounce RateMy Profile

  9. Ray says:

    Strange seems to work normal on 1 site, and another site I have it either doesn’t find any feeds or sometimes just 1 – the most recent. Although I haven’t spend too much time with it yet. Maybe I need to wait for some of the cache to clear out and update or something. No big deal, the one that is doing that doesn’t see much traffic and uses an old template maybe that has something to do with it too. I’ll give it 24 hours or so before I mess with it too much yet.
    Ray recently posted..Scheduling WordPress PostsMy Profile

  10. S.D. says:

    I don’t use CommentLuv on my blog right now. I remember that when I first use this extension I was so pleased about its features. Right now I am in a break of blogging, but I read all email notification I receive from you. I am pleased and amazed to see your enthusyasm and your dedication to improve this extension called CommentLuv.
    Best regards,

  11. Christopher

    “Let me know if you experience issues, please!!” – I did, and the issue was sorted straight away with an update!

    Great work Andy :-)

    A very happy blogger
    Christopher – Technology Blogger Admin Team
    Christopher recently posted..Everything There is to Know About GTA V as of August 2011My Profile

  12. Gie says:

    aha! I found you! lol :) thanks for the shoutout, you’ve been very kind yesterday and no worries about the assistance. my pleasure :)

    Cheers! :)

    btw, commentluv is ♥. that’s why I sent help ticket yesterday otherwise i would have just deleted it so don’t worry, you’re still two thumbs up for me :)
    Gie recently posted..The Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksMy Profile

  13. Andärin

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for pushing out this update so quickly, but I think you may have introduced a new bug into the plugin. When I go to posts from a few years ago, my old ComLuv bits don’t have the nice formatting that the new ones have. It seems the .-= code you were using isn’t being formatted correctly.

    But I know this was working in Here’s a link to a comment that has that problem:

    Any way to fix this?
    Andärin recently posted..Interview with Seasoned Hitchhiker Irv Thomas: Part 3 “Living & Travelling Subjectively”My Profile

  14. Dean

    Can I just say I friggin love this plugin? I am on a crusade to get everyone off blogger and on to WordPress so we can all share in the COMLUV. You rock!


    Dean recently posted..Timeless Pompeii: Digging into Ancient Rome: Part 2My Profile

  15. itsgigi

    Thank you!!!

  16. Jean-Luc says:

    i didn’t have any problem, it’s just fine ^^
    Jean-Luc recently posted..Comment Etre Heureux et Heureuse DurablementMy Profile

  17. Riah

    Thank you for the update, luckily I am in the process of building our new site currently, so no problem. :)

    And thank you for your quick work on fixing the problems, it’s great to know that you are there for us that are/will be using Comment Luv! :)
    Riah recently posted..Joan & Riah’s Reviews and Giveaways – Future HomeMy Profile

  18. satrap says:

    “…If I messed up your blog with this update, I am very sorry…”!

    Andy, you DO NOT have to be sorry, man! You are providing one of the best plugins that I believe has changed blogging and has helped thousands of blogs. And you have done all of it free of charge. I think, we can all give you a break if something like that happens once in a while.
    satrap recently posted..Work at home jobs- 5 legitimate work from home opportunitiesMy Profile

  19. soboer says:

    Thanks Andy for the update,

    I love the commentluv plugin. I will update the lastest version 2.90.9. No problems with my blog so far.
    soboer recently oplichting?My Profile

  20. Sebastian

    Great work on fixing the problem that quick!
    Sebastian recently posted..Google RelatedMy Profile

  21. Jordan says:

    It is working perfectly now. Thank you for the quick response.
    Jordan recently to flirt with a girlMy Profile

  22. Maxine says:

    What a great article. I would like to say thanks for telling us your idea’s. I will for sure bookmark your article. I will never stop dreaming.It’s hard to find quality posts.
    Maxine recently posted..Deck CleaningMy Profile


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