Mayday and MayMonth for ComLuv

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It’s May already, can you believe it? This year is going so quickly and so much is happening that it’s hard to keep up with it all! here’s what’s been happening…

Editor Begins Work

Gail, our new editor has officially started! her first post has been done and more have been booked. She will be going over the FAQ and documentation for the whole site and as soon as she has something to share with you, it’ll be posted on the blog or in the dashboard.

Gail will also be working with me to bring the site up to date and make it easy to navigate and use for new members so if there’s something you don’t understand or you think should be included on the site then please submit a support ticket with the details and we’ll work on it.

Go Daddy Go before time runs out

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Twitterlink Comments Updated

I have released a new version of Twitterlink-Comments which makes it compatible with twitter anywhere. Around the same time I did that, Hesham over at Famous Bloggers blog wrote an excellent article on how to Linkify Twitter Usernames Anywhere. Spooky!

Thanks Hesham, I’ll have to get you to do some posts here in the future! Your tutorials rock!

And a big thanks for the French translation by Didier, the Russian translation by Yuriy Piskun and the Swedish translation by Stefan Ljungwall

I also added a function to delete the entry in the db for any message that gets spammed by you or by your anti spam plugin, this should keep the database nice and

clean. Thanks to @travelwriting for letting me know about spam being saved in the twitlink table.

More Public holidays

There are going to be 2 bank holiday weekends this month which means I’ll be chained to the shop counter for every day this month except the middle two Mondays. Hurray for owning a business! :-z

Seriously though, I might be away from the PC a bit more than ususal but I’ve got a new wake up routine and slight change of lifestyle happening (ok, so really, I just got a new haircut and a new alarm clock) so I think I should be able to stay on top of things but if I don’t answer a support ticket straight away please don’t have a hissy fit! I know it’s frustrating when something doesn’t work and you just can’t figure out why but try to keep calm and check the FAQ and support tickets area to see if that problem has happened before.

When Gail gets some time, she’ll be updating the FAQ and making some informational posts on the blog.

Newsletter Frequency

At the moment, this newsletter gets sent out manually every two weeks. I might have to change that to automatically every week and have it send out any articles that have been published since the last newsletter went out. This means that when Gail gets into her groove and starts posting the how to and informational articles once a week, you’ll be able to receive them automatically and I wont have to set aside a couple of hours just to manually write and send the newsletter.

Feedback Please

Both I and Gail would reallly like to hear your feedback on what needs to be added or changed on the site. If you have any suggestions, complaints or other feedback then please submit a support ticket or reply to this post.

Check out my other blog

Can you come by to and let me know what you think? I know the drawings are lame but there is some interesting information in the interviews and articles. And, it has commentluv and twitterlink so come on by and leave me a comment! (or two) :)