Chocedge – Stephen Fry loved it, it’s chocolatey and gadgety (in 3d!) – your chance to win $50 and get famous

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Chocedge - Stephen Fry and celebrity friends

Win money and become famous! (well, money definitely, famous? sort of).. see the bottom of this post..

Introducing Chocedge 3d Confectionary Printing..

Choc Edge is a newly established UK company and the first company to sell chocolates that have been created using 3D chocolate printing technology.

The technology enables intricate and unique chocolate designs to be created that are clearly different to what is currently sold in the chocolate market (Current chocolates sold in the market are made using traditional molding techniques, which has been around for over 100 years).

The products created by Choc Edge are ideal for gift occasions. For instance the current Christmas range offers four different creative Christmas chocolate designs printed using dark Belgian chocolate, and  in the package comes with a decorative stand to display the product and a high quality gift card (designed by an artist) to write a personal message

Approved by famous folk!

See the guy on the far right hand side in the photo above? That’s my nephew-in-law Kevin and he’s made a new start up that hopes to revolutionize the chocolate and confectionery decorating world.

His company had made one of the worlds first 3d chocolate printers and we’d really like it if you could help to spread the word about this amazing concept.

His companys creations have recently appeared on “The Gadget Man” – a new TV series by Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry Face in Chocolate

Stephen Fry approved!

And it’s even been seen by royalty at the Royal Academy of Engineers Convention..

Royal Approval

Royal Approval

Help Him Out and WIN!

It’s super easy to win some free cash and you’ll know that you’re helping to bring a fledgling company in to the limelight. (plus you’ll be one of the first to blog about 3D chocolate!)

Here’s how you can enter to win, just do any of these things (or all of them for more entries)

The contest will run from today until the end of December. The winner will receive $50 and if you write an article on your site, it will be featured here on and go out to 15,000 newsletter subscribers! woot.
Please use the super convenient RaffleCopter widget below and good luck! you can tweet every day to get more entries

a Rafflecopter giveaway

and the winner is Guppu Boss! (Danial Munsif)

Help even if you don’t enter the contest…

If you’d like to give a little hand, please visit their site and pin a couple of images. I told Kevin that bloggers are awesome for this kind of thing so show him I was right! 🙂