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The way you can help to get your posts to go viral is by sharing other peoples posts, the more people that you have in your twitter and facebook profiles, the more credits that you earn by sharing other peoples articles

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This is a rare thing indeed, a new and fresh way to spread your articles and to bring more traffic to your best writing.

And it’s much better than other jonny-come-lately sites because it wont be swamped by crappy articles (which is one of the reasons why jonny-come-lately very quickly becomes jonny-be-gone) because no one will want to share the articles if they’re crappy! they will if they’re worth it and they then get help and exposure on their (non-crappy) articles in return.

it’s going to be very interesting to see where this site goes, it has the potential to become one of the core things that bloggers that can produce good content will do…

seeing which posts go viral and de-constructing how they did it is going to be absolute gold for bloggers, I really recommend giving this a go even if it’s just to see how it’s done.